Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The lure of time vintage watch avant surface

For example, people tend to look at mechanical watches as a traditional industry of old vintage, only quartz digital watch digital avant-garde designers love most. In fact, mechanical at the avant-garde of the table are numerous. And regardless of their movement or the material on the innovation, most surfaces we "surface"---seen no pointer without marks, you probably can't see the readings do not understand the mechanical watch, you know, watch avant-garde and Kung Fu at the surface, is the deep skill "super class".

People often told myself, only look at the surface will be cheated. In fact, surface can express a lot of things, but sometimes you can see enough on the surface. How to watch is a big problem? Time is not just a simple end of the scale. In the eyes of genius, time is expressed in different ways.

Taste of a mechanical watch are various levels. Although this is not common in people's impression of the mirrors during the mainstream mechanical watches, and even many independent watchmaker brands, but what about this? You play why mechanical watches are not just to look at the time! We are not a shopping guide.

Urwerk UR-210

Urwerk UR-210 "Maltese Falcon" satellite display watches

Urwerk UR-210 "Maltese Falcon" satellite Show Watch: If you want to seriously read and process is this: three digital satellite turns each have four hours, carrousel slowly rotate during two turns has not is responsible for displaying the current hour rotation, turn the other one back, and display the next hour number.

MB&F HM2 SV, perspective 349 parts

MB&F HM2 SV, perspective 349 parts

Can be like a retro dual SIM card charge recordings, with two sides to express MB&F HM2 SV watches also can narrow like a micro-universe, three satellites in space, roll, roll out each time reading (of course, you would also like to combine the minutes beneath the surface shows to reading) Watch Urwerk satellite display UR-210 "Maltese Falcon". When your eyes were confused by avant garde creation design digital products, you can think of a mechanical watch, may is this you?

Athens with no pointer to the Dark Lord

Athens with no pointer to the Dark Lord

Watch is used to tell the time, but it can be no pointer without Crown, dial no school? Athens "fantasy Dark Lord" on such a whim put it into practice. I believe its unique time display will no doubt win the fans really love---mystery usually is not directly visible to the movement as a time indicator! Movement was placed on a rotating base, just through the movement itself can show time, time scale is located on the barrel, and the escapement bridge acted as the minutes indicator light. But it is not the Crown when how you want to wind up with a school? Athens's greater China General Manager Yan Tingpeng every time the table is happy to personally demonstrate this process: Turning Bezel adjustable time, turn the back cover is hand-wound! Each turn a circle equal to store 12 hours of power, and a power reserve of more than 8 days!

Parma vertical reading Johnny Bugatti Super Sport Watches

Parma vertical reading Johnny Bugatti Super Sport Watches

Parma Johnny as an independent watchmaker brands in China is very high profile, his Bugatti Super Sport Watches are known. Made in collaboration with the Veyron super sports inspired breakthroughs in vertical form to display time---that is, dial and time display 90 degrees vertical, not only for the convenience of motorists and read directions when doing adjustments, was even more to appreciate its mechanical structure reverse, to create a new direct-broken BugattiPF 372 movement of daredevil. The world's first movement uses double pinion gear chamfering gear train system, through a complex series of gear, allows the dial to display time in vertical form.

Fiyta memory Tourbillon watches

Even made watch brand has started on the design of new ideas. Fiyta memory Tourbillon watches, the shape is like a tape recorder, but it has also raised the Tourbillon device horizontal, with time display panel at the same time. When two Windows that display a multi-speed operation, which makes it easy for people to associate the tape recorders work like when.

Must be "hard to read" values

Style has always been to gain the appropriate services. Especially pay attention to real traditional watchmaking. Most people find it difficult to read the surface, has apparently not actually difficult to read values.

If you do not speak, watch makers of these ideals is, of course, wanted to create a way of alone time. Let a person see that, knowing it is their own accompaniments. If you want to speak, this time of imagination and expression of reality can be reached with consummate skill, and most obvious, this is a sign of strength. We have just said, the traditional mechanical watch in "surface" playing on the avant garde and "super squad" deep skill is needed. How else can break free to watch traditional structure, performance is still to keep what's good? Develop a costly new movement, let alone one to adapt to the unique design and not can be used to share the cost of movement?

Although introduces the General mainstream market are not common, but there are many ways of playing table. Sit in the Sun and watch the snow set the drill table sitting next to the dog's eyes are blind, clip on magnifying glasses in the eyes carefully watching a great movement of the operation is also a. Afford to enjoy the exclusive pleasure of the table, can't afford to buy a table or "strange" for appreciation, look at how many whimsical ideas into physical implementation. Q o say, many amazing ingenuity is only limited production of not more than 10, it is impossible for most people have their own, but the existence of the good stuff, not what we have. MONTBLANC interpretation of pioneer new work

As hard wearing but seductive high heels, not for you to walk, you're not only playing for time mechanical watch. Difficult to read, watch, and obviously is going to make you thin watch mechanism rhythmic beauty of its structure. How can I let you see at a glance!

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Watch traditional avant-garde movement design of mechanical machinery fiyta Bugatti

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