Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Seeking Chinese fashion model concept of image breaking exhibition Masters

Seeking Chinese fashion model concept of image-breaking exhibition Masters Awards

Race which lasted two months, attracted 153 players contribute, 1172 works before and after entering the contest, vote number eventually exceeded 450,000 cumulative voting platform, official events read more than 3.2 million passengers ... ... This is LIN MAKEUP have mobilised efforts in good faith "meeting room", is also China's fashion industry, an innovative attempt. And followed by the topic, disputes, searching for and discussion will continue to simmer in the circle; for industry talent standards, development patterns, marketing channels, as well as the future direction of serious thinking and more will be gradually translated into a clear mission, by generation after generation of make-up stylists, inherited, and passing on. Interesting fashion UR sport light luxury new

The ultimate goal of the contest, is assembled these outstanding works and the potential new, hold an art show in the real sense, culminating in a contemporary style and features of the Chinese contemporary art works collection of makeup. This is the makeup industry actively adapt to "cooperation" a useful attempt to, but in this era of practitioners ' mission. Through the art of image recording industry experienced in this era of change, assemble each player learn to learn, learn from each other; in industry witnessed a landmark reform at the same time, winners will also work with LIN MAKEUP depth open the road to personal branding, and work towards a broader international stage.

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