Thursday, October 20, 2016

Salvatore Ferragamo launch 2016 new children s series

Salvatore Ferragamo launch 2016 new children's series

Ferragamo Mini Series mainly for children between the ages of 3-8 gives adults the romantic style of the series, while there are many passionate vitality! The series followed the Ferragamo variety of classic design, such as Varina Ballet flats and the Gancio buckle moccasin pair of shoes, new brands of fine modern fashion with a low profile, but more childlike traits, more Mini! Fall winter Esprit 2016 advertising blockbuster

Salvatore Ferragamo launch 2016 new children's series

Ferragamo Mini brand pure exquisite Italian-style process is followed and launched a mini Vara sneaker style with bold handbags, allowing families to match any brand of different products, highlights the limitations at the same time across the years lack the elegance of the corner, also vividly reproduce the "glorious life" brand of philosophy. Romantic and elegant yet cute and innocent, makes the series a perfect gift for baby, all children's shoes with rubber soles with super soft shoes, reflects the ultimate pursuit of brands for comfortable, perfect for a child's playing time. Optional size from 27 to 33. Childlike cartoon makes the series more to attach children innocent cute classic solid color series is a perfect copy of the adult series elegance, and parents to complete parenting can dress up, meet your child look forward to dreams of becoming a small adult.

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