Wednesday, October 26, 2016

ASH stage the 2016 winter previews and cat s flagship store opening

ASH stage the 2016 winter previews and cat's flagship store opening

Old Shanghai shikumen modern retro nostalgic exterior hides a modern avant-garde design, just as ASH brand spirit, always self-attitude, pursue high profile and the sense of life.

ASH stage the 2016 winter previews and cat's flagship store opening

Without too many words, attitude says it all. Zhang Yi Xing challenging trend suits mix and

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Salvatore Ferragamo launch 2016 new children s series

Salvatore Ferragamo launch 2016 new children's series

Ferragamo Mini Series mainly for children between the ages of 3-8 gives adults the romantic style of the series, while there are many passionate vitality! The series followed the Ferragamo variety of classic design, such as Varina Ballet flats and the Gancio buckle moccasin pair of shoes, new brands of fine modern fashion with a low profile, but more childlike traits, more Mini! Fall winter Esprit 2016 advertising blockbuster

Salvatore Ferragamo launch 2016 new children's series

Ferragamo Mini brand pure exquisite Italian-style process is followed and launched a mini Vara sneaker style with bold handbags, allowing families to match any brand of different products, highlights the limitations at the same time across the years lack the elegance of the corner, also vividly reproduce the "glorious life" brand of philosophy. Romantic and elegant yet cute and innocent, makes the series a perfect gift for baby, all children's shoes with rubber soles with super soft shoes, reflects the ultimate pursuit of brands for comfortable, perfect for a child's playing time. Optional size from 27 to 33. Childlike cartoon makes the series more to attach children innocent cute classic solid color series is a perfect copy of the adult series elegance, and parents to complete parenting can dress up, meet your child look forward to dreams of becoming a small adult.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Christie s Hong Kong autumn 2010 exquisite watch appreciation of the auction

Christie's Hong Kong autumn "exquisite watch" auction will be held on December 2 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. This autumn, will present a series of extremely rare and highly collectable fine watches, clocks and wall charts. This season's "exquisite watch" one of the key pieces are very rare Patek Philippe 3974 models on the market. This model is to celebrate the 150 anniversary of the founding Patek, in 1989, was born with the Star Calibre nowadays has become three questions about Patek watch extraordinary strength and brilliant best acoustic performance, is a modern classic. Subtle movement Calibre R27 Q is unforgettable, not only because there are extraordinary 467 piece, but also because of relatively small size 12.5-law movement, is a cluster of Patek Philippe's micro-rotor, three asked calendar master-class performance. 3974 model output are rare, only about 90 pieces of gold styles. This highly sought after models in 2002, discontinued, becoming one of the greatest modern Minute Repeater. The chill won the 2 week box office hero watches

Christie's Hong Kong autumn 2010

Patek Philippe Platinum three-calendar moon phase automatic watch

1. Patek Philippe Platinum, three questions, perpetual calendar, moon phases, self-winding watch, model 3974, CA 1993

Estimate: HK $ 4,000,000 – 5,500,000

$ 500,000-700,000

Patek Philippe Platinum three self-winding watches

2. Patek Philippe Platinum, three questions, a self-winding watch, limited production, model 5029,1997 year

Estimate: HK $ 3,200,000 – 4,500,000

$ 410,000 – 580,000

Greubel Forsey Platinum Jin Tuofei-wheel manual-winding watches

3. the Greubel Forsey, Platinum, Tourbillon, power reserve display, manual-winding watch model Quadruple Tourbillon, CA 2009

Estimate: HK $ 2,200,000-3,000,000

US $ 280,000-380,000

Patek Philippe, "CELESTIAL"

4. Patek Philippe, "CELESTIAL", model 5102G, white gold, self-winding, astronomical watches, showing sky chart, moon phase and moon line track and Sirius and the transit time of the moon.

Estimate: HK $ 1,300,000 to 1,600,000

$ 165,000 – 205,000

Abby Platinum with gold Emerald and diamond quartz watch

5. Abby, Platinum, diamond and Emerald, Crystal chain watch, about 2000 years

Estimate: HK $ 700,000 to 950,000

US $ 90,000-120,000

Item pictures for two independent Patek

6. the picture Patek in two separate auctions

Patek Philippe, copper gold, cloisonne painting costumed dance chart, solar clock, 1976

Estimate: HK $ 400,000 to 550,000

$ 50,000 – 70,000

Patek Philippe, copper gold, cloisonne painting hunting scene, solar clock, Cartier issue, 1965

Estimate: HK $ 320,000 and 480,000

US $ 40,000 – 60,000

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Patek Philippe Watches exquisite nomenclature fall of Christie's Hong Kong Platinum

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Seeking Chinese fashion model concept of image breaking exhibition Masters

Seeking Chinese fashion model concept of image-breaking exhibition Masters Awards

Race which lasted two months, attracted 153 players contribute, 1172 works before and after entering the contest, vote number eventually exceeded 450,000 cumulative voting platform, official events read more than 3.2 million passengers ... ... This is LIN MAKEUP have mobilised efforts in good faith "meeting room", is also China's fashion industry, an innovative attempt. And followed by the topic, disputes, searching for and discussion will continue to simmer in the circle; for industry talent standards, development patterns, marketing channels, as well as the future direction of serious thinking and more will be gradually translated into a clear mission, by generation after generation of make-up stylists, inherited, and passing on. Interesting fashion UR sport light luxury new

The ultimate goal of the contest, is assembled these outstanding works and the potential new, hold an art show in the real sense, culminating in a contemporary style and features of the Chinese contemporary art works collection of makeup. This is the makeup industry actively adapt to "cooperation" a useful attempt to, but in this era of practitioners ' mission. Through the art of image recording industry experienced in this era of change, assemble each player learn to learn, learn from each other; in industry witnessed a landmark reform at the same time, winners will also work with LIN MAKEUP depth open the road to personal branding, and work towards a broader international stage.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Jaeger LeCoultre LeCoultre wrist Mid Autumn Festival Irene

August 15 nights, month at this time round. Advanced watchmaking and 179-year history of Switzerland's leading watchmaking brands Jaeger-LeCoultre Jaeger LeCoultre, three classics, show Jaeger LeCoultre joint research workshop the crystallization of hard research, unlocking the second hand one-sixth second jump to move forward, and watch as the world's senior leader in the watch industry.

Duom è Tre à Quanti è me Lunaire 40.5 wings moon phase calendar new watches

Duom è Tre à Quanti è me Lunaire 40.5 wings moon phase calendar new watches Tables that can be comparable to kill Criss exceedingly

Clear and easy elegance on the dial, display hours, minutes, seconds, calendar and phases of the Moon, which makes Duom è Tre à Quanti è moon phase calendar watch me Lunaire wings just like a classic watch. However, under watch case 381 calibre looming.

Rendez-Vous date Night and Day series ladies watch

Rendez-Vous date Night and Day series ladies watch

Rendez-Vous ladies watch Night and Day appointment series in 2012, the 15th Shanghai International Film Festival, the world's first, is Jaeger LeCoultre women's timepiece perfect embodiment of beauty and essence. It's six o'clock position with the alternation of Sun and moon, grace reflect day and night. Simple and beautiful dial with blue steel pointer representing the solid watchmaking set with diamonds bezel set off every romantic moments experienced by time in its shadow quietly. This is not so much a watch than this is the time of the appointment.

Grande Reverso Calendar large flip calendar watch

This watch with silver dial stainless-steel or rose gold case. Follow the traditional details series highlights the very unique geometrical appearance, like a stage classic and subtle, exquisite interpretation of complex functions. The watch is in the 12 o'clock position through two Windows disc display day and month, 6 o'clock position to display a date as well as the phases of the moon. Well-placed time display, as well as using the most pure clock central hour, minute display of traditional production, makes reading easier to clear.

Watches Jaeger LeCoultre Jaeger classic new moon calendar, moon phase watch watches