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Son Nexus phone how to play

Son Nexus phone how to play?

The recent "four sons" Nexus 4 came out in cell phone ring to roll up a buying spree, Nexus 4 due to its high cost performance and welcome playability for players, although it has many small problems to be questioned, but did not affect its level of hot. Nexus by the player favorite reasons are to a large extent because of their native system and to make the brush mechanism, because of this characteristic, the Nexus series are naturally very many third party ROM available. How can it play a Nexus phone? Following example we used the Nexus 4 introduce.

Paper Nexus 4 explain for example, Galaxy such as Nexus, Nexus s play may also follow the same idea.

Son Nexus phone how to play? Son Nexus phone how to play?



Before the brush system, first unlock the locked Bootloader (BL) lock. BL lock method solution is very simple, just have to shut down state press volume-and power button to enter fastboot interface, and then install the drive connected to the computer, to use some special tool to unlock lock BL.


Fastboot mode

Son Nexus phone how to play?


Unlocking tool (in addition this tool root function, but recommends that the brush directly into the ROM with root)

Son Nexus phone how to play?


Unlock lock BL fastboot screen will appear again after this, pay attention to the last line of the scarlet letter.

Son Nexus phone how to play?


Brush into Recovery

Recovery recovery mode, is used as a brush system, backup and restore system function. After a long development, Android's Recovery is more and more powerful, or even many Recovery support the touch screen directly click operations available.


Brush into Recovery ADB commands: fastboot Flash recovery XXXX (Recover the file name)

Son Nexus phone how to play?


This Recovery is supported in touch.

Son Nexus phone how to play?


Brushing machine

Nexus 4 can in fact said is ideal for Flash, can also be said to be very unsuitable brush machine. Suitable for Flash is because of Google's powerful new system support and an open policy, which led directly to that while the cell phone is not listed for a long time, but various third-party ROM has appeared like mushrooms. Not suitable for brush machine is because the Nexus 4 cannot insert TF card, nor with OTG, which leads to no brush machine when compared to the inconvenience. But Android 4.2 Recovery there has been a new way of brushing machine "sideload", this brush allows cards without flashing, and OTG fuselage support TF card Flash, it can be said that the brushing machine is tailored to Nexus 4 such machines.


In ADB in the command: ADB sideload XXXX (brush machine package path), entered command yihou actually is through computer hard disk in the of brush machine package transmission to phone in the again for General of brush machine, sideload of role actually is take up has such a bridge, in Recovery in the directly put computer of brush machine package "push sent" to phone of built-in storage card in the, this in some special situation also is is practical of.

Son Nexus phone how to play?


Recommended Nexus series brush "AOKP (Android Open Kang Project)" series ROM, ROM the series while maintaining the original minimalist interface, adding custom features, in addition to recommending another installed third-party desktop NOVA, add personalization, while also adding a lot of different features. Here are some demos.

Son Nexus phone how to play?


Desktop you can see a number of improvements, such as clock, battery indicator, custom, custom navigation bar. Customize the navigation bar is particularly important, many users are sniffy about Galaxy of Nexus and Nexus 4 navigation bars, found it too takes up screen space, AOKP, CM ROM which can directly regulate the thickness of the navigation bar or can customize its functionality. leather iPhone 6 cases


The dropdown options more than native


NOVA Launcher exceptional custom features


I brushed the "Xylon" to third-party systems can even achieve true full screen, not only the navigation bar, the title bar also hide, this experience will be very unique.


Son as Android phones in the Nexus series of "otherness", which is not sold, in essence we see some real Android Nexus, great openness, personalization, it is the pursuit of many players. If mobile phones as ordinary Android phone with Nexus, just playing the system, that it is a bit overkill, Nexus series after all is tossing, brushing machine machine.


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