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People who really understand buy vintage watches

Watch new models emerge, but retro watch is the eternal theme.

People who really understand buy vintage watches

Watches are so prefer "retro", because watches are "from that year," high society handed down, who concentrates on temperament and social development which, at any rate changes and new styles, still retain the original gentlemen's mark.

Watch, formerly known as pocket watches, often mention it, appear in most mind picture a certain old gentleman of destroying a tidy suit pocket and pulled out its inspection of the moment. So, watch vintage, is the nature.

60 's and 70 's had many splashy things, cars, planes, furniture, fashion ... ... New forms of art and design and styles, make this two years became impossible to forget 20 years.

In order to reproduce this two-decade left us with special shape and feel, the watch is retro to the 670 with a charming sense of line: compact disk case, Pincushion or square, asymmetrical design ... ... Has become a particularly memorable pan.

People who really understand buy vintage watches

1, Glashutte Original

Glashutte Original 70 's large calendar watch

70 cannot be forgotten, Glashutte Original choice in tribute to its master watch. Most typical pillow case, silver-plated very pure, double g logo is a clasp is also 8 mm fine adjustment device, in fact, will be designed to function with the best examples.

People who really understand buy vintage watches

2, Hamilton

Hamilton shallow series automatic mechanical watch Thin-O-Matic

Simple atmosphere of the third needle design, HAMILTON double triangle logo, and the time scales and the scales of concise and easy to read.

This originates from the 60 's to launch the watch with the same name, not only thin, and every single detail presents a nostalgic elegance: soft arch dial with sweep seconds, the surface of the Hamilton vintage coat, elastic chain strap ... ... Like back to the gramophone in the golden years.

People who really understand buy vintage watches

3, Glashutte original

Glashutte original in order to reproduce the "Spezimatic" series of classic, in its capacity as a source of inspiration, incorporate technical innovations, creating 60 series watches. In 2007, the series appeared for the first time, to commemorate the 60 's when State-run Glashutte plants brought about by the influence of the people, as well as meet the watch enthusiast of this generation's nostalgia.

People who really understand buy vintage watches

4, Longines

Endorsement picture of God on town property. When we are talking about classic watches what

Longines in continuously promoting modernization in recent years pragmatism watches at the same time, also constantly revisit the classics, launched the retro style.

People who really understand buy vintage watches

Longines classic retro General timings L2.775.4.23.3

This classic Longines replica watch perfect inherited red 12 classic watch design elements, styling elegant, using the one-button column wheel chronograph mechanism, function is also to pay tribute to the early classic. Meanwhile, the Rose Gold version yields sparse, the stainless-steel version of the homeopathy also become sought after by fans of love.

People who really understand buy vintage watches

Longines classic vintage square L2.791.4.52.0

Pillow-shaped watch is very rare in practice, while L2.791.4.52.0 watches bold use of the shape of the relatively moderate, the watch constitutes an excellent appearance, also produces elegant and equable temperament background effect. Has a strong practical value of time and calendar functions provide great help for our lives. Longines produced L688 movement in performance also offers good protection.

People who really understand buy vintage watches

5, Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer MONZA Monza automatic chronograph

Tag Heuer MONZA circuit's origins date back to 1975, to commemorate the glory of the Ferrari drivers, Tag Heuer will be 1930 pillow case again as a special limited edition watch, equipped with high-speed movement, and in the upper part of the dial above the Tag Heuer logo engraved with "MONZA". New MONZA Watch launched in June this year, not only with a classical all face, but limited, 1911 to commemorate the famous 1911 "travel time" dashboard chronograph. All of it is designed to pay tribute to the Centennial race origin.

People who really understand buy vintage watches

6, Breguet

Breguet CLASSIQUE 5177 white enamel table

Made of gold, rose gold, Platinum, and is consistent with traditional, also on behalf of their unusual status in the product line. Ivory white dial with antique baojizhen, Lancet needle, needle Sword-shaped and pear-shaped pin, detailed elegance evoke memories of 18th century Europe.

Breguet had launched a very famous white enamel table 5140, from heavy 18K gold, 40 mm in diameter, to a small three-PIN Dial details clearly antique pocket watches from 200 years ago.


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