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Diamonds on the table how to match wine truffles

Whether it is black or white truffle truffles, they are all precious ingredients; for truffle dishes when matching wines, needs to be more than careful, neither let the wine's flavor masked the characteristic flavor of the truffles, or flavor them conflict with each other. For truffle-led to the following five different dishes for your recommended 5 wines, respectively.

Diamonds on the table-how to match wine-truffles?

Truffles (fresh truffles in particular) as the leading dish when you match wine requires special attention because they have unique aroma, reminiscent of a sulfur aroma. In the match when truffles, wine's role is to reduce the acrid smell of sulfur, but also to let the wine aromas balanced with other aromatic of truffles, but they have to avoid increasing the bitterness of tannins. Different truffles-led to the following dishes for your recommended 5 wines, respectively.

1. white truffle slices – jiekuiyin star white wine Fiano (Joaquin Vino della Stella Fiano di Avellino), 2012

Diamonds on the table-how to match wine-truffles?

Fiano is a long history of variety, but not until recently did it become the restaurant's wines, believing that it will receive more attention in the future. Featured Joaquin star brand of white wine Fiano with mango, almonds, honey, ginger, mint and orange blossom fragrance, very structured, reveals a stream of sunshine on the beach and Eastern Mediterranean style.

2. black truffle risotto – luyijibaluoluo red wine (Luigi Baudana Barolo), 2008

Diamonds on the table-how to match wine-truffles?

Black truffle risotto is a gourmet flavor is very strong, with a subtle earthy aromatic. Recommended luyijibaluoluo red wine deep red here, displays the rose bushes, dirt and resin aroma; the taste is very rich, very elegant, CNU-tough and not elegant.

3. mix white truffle pasta – leidikenli Paula white wine (Radikon Ribolla Gialla), 2004

Diamonds on the table-how to match wine-truffles?

This a very typical white truffle mix noodles were the perfect combination of handmade egg noodles and white truffle characteristics, fragrance, taste sweet. Recommended Li Paula white wine here is deep amber, gives off iodine salt, forest humus, wet soil, the aroma of Eucalyptus leaves, and mixed with a touch of citrus and almond flavor, acidity is lively and has a wonderful Minty aftertaste. Spain ASPID GT 21 lead cars a week to hear summary

4. fried eggs with white truffle – Walt-masadimolasuo white wine (Walter Massa Derthona Timorasso), 2008

Diamonds on the table-how to match wine-truffles?

Dimolasuo (Timorasso) is Italy a very unique native species, made wine has developed different tastes over time and potential. The Walt-masadimolasuo white wines recommended here are bright yellow, fragrant and sweet aroma, its flowers and herbs aroma harmony and elegance, and the truffle aroma perfect match.

5. mushroom-truffle pasta – shenglaiaonaduo red wine (Tenuta San Leonardo 'San Leonardo'), 2007

In this dish, truffle and mushroom is a very rich spices for such a refined dish, you need to select an equally rich, elegant wines and rich structure. Shenglaiaonaduo red wine recommended with complex spice, rich and inviting, combining Cabernet Sauvignon (Cabernet Sauvignon), Cabernet franc (Cabernet Franc), caramel-NA (Carmenere) and Merlot (Merlot) complex features.

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