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People who really understand buy vintage watches

Watch new models emerge, but retro watch is the eternal theme.

People who really understand buy vintage watches

Watches are so prefer "retro", because watches are "from that year," high society handed down, who concentrates on temperament and social development which, at any rate changes and new styles, still retain the original gentlemen's mark.

Watch, formerly known as pocket watches, often mention it, appear in most mind picture a certain old gentleman of destroying a tidy suit pocket and pulled out its inspection of the moment. So, watch vintage, is the nature.

60 's and 70 's had many splashy things, cars, planes, furniture, fashion ... ... New forms of art and design and styles, make this two years became impossible to forget 20 years.

In order to reproduce this two-decade left us with special shape and feel, the watch is retro to the 670 with a charming sense of line: compact disk case, Pincushion or square, asymmetrical design ... ... Has become a particularly memorable pan.

People who really understand buy vintage watches

1, Glashutte Original

Glashutte Original 70 's large calendar watch

70 cannot be forgotten, Glashutte Original choice in tribute to its master watch. Most typical pillow case, silver-plated very pure, double g logo is a clasp is also 8 mm fine adjustment device, in fact, will be designed to function with the best examples.

People who really understand buy vintage watches

2, Hamilton

Hamilton shallow series automatic mechanical watch Thin-O-Matic

Simple atmosphere of the third needle design, HAMILTON double triangle logo, and the time scales and the scales of concise and easy to read.

This originates from the 60 's to launch the watch with the same name, not only thin, and every single detail presents a nostalgic elegance: soft arch dial with sweep seconds, the surface of the Hamilton vintage coat, elastic chain strap ... ... Like back to the gramophone in the golden years.

People who really understand buy vintage watches

3, Glashutte original

Glashutte original in order to reproduce the "Spezimatic" series of classic, in its capacity as a source of inspiration, incorporate technical innovations, creating 60 series watches. In 2007, the series appeared for the first time, to commemorate the 60 's when State-run Glashutte plants brought about by the influence of the people, as well as meet the watch enthusiast of this generation's nostalgia.

People who really understand buy vintage watches

4, Longines

Endorsement picture of God on town property. When we are talking about classic watches what

Longines in continuously promoting modernization in recent years pragmatism watches at the same time, also constantly revisit the classics, launched the retro style.

People who really understand buy vintage watches

Longines classic retro General timings L2.775.4.23.3

This classic Longines replica watch perfect inherited red 12 classic watch design elements, styling elegant, using the one-button column wheel chronograph mechanism, function is also to pay tribute to the early classic. Meanwhile, the Rose Gold version yields sparse, the stainless-steel version of the homeopathy also become sought after by fans of love.

People who really understand buy vintage watches

Longines classic vintage square L2.791.4.52.0

Pillow-shaped watch is very rare in practice, while L2.791.4.52.0 watches bold use of the shape of the relatively moderate, the watch constitutes an excellent appearance, also produces elegant and equable temperament background effect. Has a strong practical value of time and calendar functions provide great help for our lives. Longines produced L688 movement in performance also offers good protection.

People who really understand buy vintage watches

5, Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer MONZA Monza automatic chronograph

Tag Heuer MONZA circuit's origins date back to 1975, to commemorate the glory of the Ferrari drivers, Tag Heuer will be 1930 pillow case again as a special limited edition watch, equipped with high-speed movement, and in the upper part of the dial above the Tag Heuer logo engraved with "MONZA". New MONZA Watch launched in June this year, not only with a classical all face, but limited, 1911 to commemorate the famous 1911 "travel time" dashboard chronograph. All of it is designed to pay tribute to the Centennial race origin.

People who really understand buy vintage watches

6, Breguet

Breguet CLASSIQUE 5177 white enamel table

Made of gold, rose gold, Platinum, and is consistent with traditional, also on behalf of their unusual status in the product line. Ivory white dial with antique baojizhen, Lancet needle, needle Sword-shaped and pear-shaped pin, detailed elegance evoke memories of 18th century Europe.

Breguet had launched a very famous white enamel table 5140, from heavy 18K gold, 40 mm in diameter, to a small three-PIN Dial details clearly antique pocket watches from 200 years ago.


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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Son Nexus phone how to play

Son Nexus phone how to play?

The recent "four sons" Nexus 4 came out in cell phone ring to roll up a buying spree, Nexus 4 due to its high cost performance and welcome playability for players, although it has many small problems to be questioned, but did not affect its level of hot. Nexus by the player favorite reasons are to a large extent because of their native system and to make the brush mechanism, because of this characteristic, the Nexus series are naturally very many third party ROM available. How can it play a Nexus phone? Following example we used the Nexus 4 introduce.

Paper Nexus 4 explain for example, Galaxy such as Nexus, Nexus s play may also follow the same idea.

Son Nexus phone how to play? Son Nexus phone how to play?



Before the brush system, first unlock the locked Bootloader (BL) lock. BL lock method solution is very simple, just have to shut down state press volume-and power button to enter fastboot interface, and then install the drive connected to the computer, to use some special tool to unlock lock BL.


Fastboot mode

Son Nexus phone how to play?


Unlocking tool (in addition this tool root function, but recommends that the brush directly into the ROM with root)

Son Nexus phone how to play?


Unlock lock BL fastboot screen will appear again after this, pay attention to the last line of the scarlet letter.

Son Nexus phone how to play?


Brush into Recovery

Recovery recovery mode, is used as a brush system, backup and restore system function. After a long development, Android's Recovery is more and more powerful, or even many Recovery support the touch screen directly click operations available.


Brush into Recovery ADB commands: fastboot Flash recovery XXXX (Recover the file name)

Son Nexus phone how to play?


This Recovery is supported in touch.

Son Nexus phone how to play?


Brushing machine

Nexus 4 can in fact said is ideal for Flash, can also be said to be very unsuitable brush machine. Suitable for Flash is because of Google's powerful new system support and an open policy, which led directly to that while the cell phone is not listed for a long time, but various third-party ROM has appeared like mushrooms. Not suitable for brush machine is because the Nexus 4 cannot insert TF card, nor with OTG, which leads to no brush machine when compared to the inconvenience. But Android 4.2 Recovery there has been a new way of brushing machine "sideload", this brush allows cards without flashing, and OTG fuselage support TF card Flash, it can be said that the brushing machine is tailored to Nexus 4 such machines.


In ADB in the command: ADB sideload XXXX (brush machine package path), entered command yihou actually is through computer hard disk in the of brush machine package transmission to phone in the again for General of brush machine, sideload of role actually is take up has such a bridge, in Recovery in the directly put computer of brush machine package "push sent" to phone of built-in storage card in the, this in some special situation also is is practical of.

Son Nexus phone how to play?


Recommended Nexus series brush "AOKP (Android Open Kang Project)" series ROM, ROM the series while maintaining the original minimalist interface, adding custom features, in addition to recommending another installed third-party desktop NOVA, add personalization, while also adding a lot of different features. Here are some demos.

Son Nexus phone how to play?


Desktop you can see a number of improvements, such as clock, battery indicator, custom, custom navigation bar. Customize the navigation bar is particularly important, many users are sniffy about Galaxy of Nexus and Nexus 4 navigation bars, found it too takes up screen space, AOKP, CM ROM which can directly regulate the thickness of the navigation bar or can customize its functionality. leather iPhone 6 cases


The dropdown options more than native


NOVA Launcher exceptional custom features


I brushed the "Xylon" to third-party systems can even achieve true full screen, not only the navigation bar, the title bar also hide, this experience will be very unique.


Son as Android phones in the Nexus series of "otherness", which is not sold, in essence we see some real Android Nexus, great openness, personalization, it is the pursuit of many players. If mobile phones as ordinary Android phone with Nexus, just playing the system, that it is a bit overkill, Nexus series after all is tossing, brushing machine machine.


Learn more about the new cool device, please pay attention to @ love machine


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Classic leather jeans to create Rock light mature male

Classic leather jeans to create Rock light mature male

Under the din of rock spirit, always of the full deduction by leather paired with jeans. Rock paradigm men, give people some sense of vicissitudes, but continued to play and gives the wearer the youthful vitality.

Classic leather jeans to create Rock light mature male

Leather is the choice of General fur jacket, models for short. The meaning of travel must achieve on its summer

Classic leather jeans to create Rock light mature male

Shirt choices more, because leather elements are more versatile, can hold a lot of models of a single product, which can be grouped into two categories, one is the color difference is relatively large, such as white, red and yellow, are similar colors, such as deep blue, Indigo and black. In addition, you can according to their own preferences to choose whether or not to wear a tie, tie accessories, shoes is recommended with a glossy leather shoes or boots to match.

Classic leather jeans to create Rock light mature male

Metallic leather jacket, tannin texture black jeans, shirt with white color on the formation of the very poor, classic styling. Also, the wide hem of shirt can create recommended building the feel of the first chart in the example.

Classic leather jeans to create Rock light mature male

Complete match is Indigo as the benchmark, with different materials and different degrees of shading to create their required to take visual layering. This leather jacket without collar design, so you can do some processing on the appropriate shirt details, such as a metal all the trimmings.

Leather jacket designed with minimalist feel, no cumbersome design, curved zipper design is unique, with the black denim jeans, fully shows the wave point shirts fashion sense.

Leather rock jeans classic leather jacket mature male shirts to create match

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Overheard 3 men of God gathered dress Daniel Louis Koo fighting road

Overheard the third part of the series has been filmed, starring Louis Koo, Lau Ching-Wan, Daniel, the three made eye and play acting competition, publicize the competition puts good taste through the play. Nowadays the overheard 3 upcoming, launch promotion will also become a fashion show starring three men, from casual wear to dress styles, three men were very much at home.

Daniel Wu

Overheard 3 men of God gathered dress Daniel Louis Koo-fighting road

Daniel Louis Koo fighting way to dress

Daniel 64th Festival, dressed in a blue suit, with white shirt. Single-breasted suit is simple and neat, yet elegant lapel shiny black design ingenuity.

Match grade:

Overheard 3 men of God gathered dress Daniel Louis Koo-fighting road

Gucci coat

Super fine texture, modern classic Gucci Navy blue jacket back.

Overheard 3 men of God gathered dress Daniel Louis Koo-fighting road

Gucci leather frizzled feather shoes

Frizzled feather black leather specially polished, making vintage style look, whether Office or casual wear is suitable.

Overheard 3 men of God gathered dress Daniel Louis Koo-fighting road

Daniel Louis Koo fighting way to dress

Of the overheard 3 power Conference was held in Hong Kong, Wu unveiled at the press conference dressed in a striped shirt and gray suit vest, very elegant outfit, can also be reflected in the accessories, seemingly random matching hat and watch, there are casual in his pockets in the sunglasses are very eye-catching.

Match grade:

Overheard 3 men of God gathered dress Daniel Louis Koo-fighting road

NN.07 felt-wool vest

Mixed woven NN.07 carpet sweater vests with unique technology weakens the same sweater vest shape, gray work and casual wear is a good choice.

Overheard 3 men of God gathered dress Daniel Louis Koo-fighting road

Sperry Top-Sider boat shoe

Since 1935, Sperry Top-Side has been a gentleman's favorite, especially the crop have been John Kennedy's appreciation.

Louis Koo: Summer Yao you

Overheard 3 men of God gathered dress Daniel Louis Koo-fighting road

Daniel Louis Koo fighting way to dress

Louis Koo in a Calvin Klein Collection powder blue suit, appeared CK (Calvin Klein), multiple brands under events. So beautiful a leisure suit accompanied by Louis Koo tanned skin worship.

Match grade:

Overheard 3 men of God gathered dress Daniel Louis Koo-fighting road

Hardy Amies washed cotton twill jacket

Unstructured tailoring of Hardy Amies making a restricted version don't seem actually very crisp. Washed cotton twill material is ideal for wearing in warm weather, high breathability and comfort.

Overheard 3 men of God gathered dress Daniel Louis Koo-fighting road

A.P.C. leather boat shoes

A.P.C. was called cool minimalism, these boat shoes without too much complicated details, but use very soft leather and white rubber sole to create a comfortable sense of dress.

Daniel Louis Koo fighting way to dress

Louis Koo, dressed in a black Turtleneck Sweater with a white shirt and black 9-length casual pants appeared in Shanghai to attend the brand activity, ability to manage casual by no means inferior to other people, black sweater collar stars became bright point of the whole match.

Match grade:

Etro wool and wool blended sweater

Etro-specific unique creativity, combined with bold prints and classic, unique fashion item, a simple sweater pattern of lines on the sleeves and reverse looks very special.

Quoddy suede boat shoes

Quoddy into boat shoes more appealing to the eye, soft gray suede to create a stylish appearance, soft grain leather to create a comfortable fit silhouette.

Liu says:

Daniel Louis Koo fighting way to dress

Lau Ching-Wan was last seen wearing a plaid suit appeared in the movie the bullets disappear Beijing opening ceremony. As a trio of big brother, Lau Ching-Wan mature a lot, this British style Plaid suit reflects the steady of mature men.

Match grade:

Etro self check wool coat

As lining of grass at the end of printing, in the lively Plaid wool coat seems capable and mature. Contrast collar trim cutting and make you even more special.

Paul Smith Shoes and Accessories suede frizzled feather shoes

Frizzled feather was originally designed in order to piercing the gap to dry moisture and wear Paul Smith Shoes and Accessories suede frizzled feather shoes walking in the city, light and ventilation design of the uppers and soles are particularly comfortable.

Daniel Louis Koo fighting way to dress

Leisure jacket matched with Lau Ching-Wan was last seen wearing a grey round neck t-shirt attended the event launches, seemingly random mix of ubiquitous embodies the charm of older men. Low-key mix of blue, black and gray are just right.

Match grade:

Margaret Howell non-washed cotton jacket

Not a navy jacket in the closet would not have been complete, the Margaret Howell non-washed cotton jacket, lightweight casual style to create a very soft and comfortable feel.

SWIMS rubber leather casual shoes

Smooth leather surface makes cleaning more, feet more comfortable and breathable mesh design, simple black Joker pick.

Daniel Louis Koo mix dressing tianle overheard leisure Lau Ching-Wan-black

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Diamonds on the table how to match wine truffles

Whether it is black or white truffle truffles, they are all precious ingredients; for truffle dishes when matching wines, needs to be more than careful, neither let the wine's flavor masked the characteristic flavor of the truffles, or flavor them conflict with each other. For truffle-led to the following five different dishes for your recommended 5 wines, respectively.

Diamonds on the table-how to match wine-truffles?

Truffles (fresh truffles in particular) as the leading dish when you match wine requires special attention because they have unique aroma, reminiscent of a sulfur aroma. In the match when truffles, wine's role is to reduce the acrid smell of sulfur, but also to let the wine aromas balanced with other aromatic of truffles, but they have to avoid increasing the bitterness of tannins. Different truffles-led to the following dishes for your recommended 5 wines, respectively.

1. white truffle slices – jiekuiyin star white wine Fiano (Joaquin Vino della Stella Fiano di Avellino), 2012

Diamonds on the table-how to match wine-truffles?

Fiano is a long history of variety, but not until recently did it become the restaurant's wines, believing that it will receive more attention in the future. Featured Joaquin star brand of white wine Fiano with mango, almonds, honey, ginger, mint and orange blossom fragrance, very structured, reveals a stream of sunshine on the beach and Eastern Mediterranean style.

2. black truffle risotto – luyijibaluoluo red wine (Luigi Baudana Barolo), 2008

Diamonds on the table-how to match wine-truffles?

Black truffle risotto is a gourmet flavor is very strong, with a subtle earthy aromatic. Recommended luyijibaluoluo red wine deep red here, displays the rose bushes, dirt and resin aroma; the taste is very rich, very elegant, CNU-tough and not elegant.

3. mix white truffle pasta – leidikenli Paula white wine (Radikon Ribolla Gialla), 2004

Diamonds on the table-how to match wine-truffles?

This a very typical white truffle mix noodles were the perfect combination of handmade egg noodles and white truffle characteristics, fragrance, taste sweet. Recommended Li Paula white wine here is deep amber, gives off iodine salt, forest humus, wet soil, the aroma of Eucalyptus leaves, and mixed with a touch of citrus and almond flavor, acidity is lively and has a wonderful Minty aftertaste. Spain ASPID GT 21 lead cars a week to hear summary

4. fried eggs with white truffle – Walt-masadimolasuo white wine (Walter Massa Derthona Timorasso), 2008

Diamonds on the table-how to match wine-truffles?

Dimolasuo (Timorasso) is Italy a very unique native species, made wine has developed different tastes over time and potential. The Walt-masadimolasuo white wines recommended here are bright yellow, fragrant and sweet aroma, its flowers and herbs aroma harmony and elegance, and the truffle aroma perfect match.

5. mushroom-truffle pasta – shenglaiaonaduo red wine (Tenuta San Leonardo 'San Leonardo'), 2007

In this dish, truffle and mushroom is a very rich spices for such a refined dish, you need to select an equally rich, elegant wines and rich structure. Shenglaiaonaduo red wine recommended with complex spice, rich and inviting, combining Cabernet Sauvignon (Cabernet Sauvignon), Cabernet franc (Cabernet Franc), caramel-NA (Carmenere) and Merlot (Merlot) complex features.

Truffles, wine grape white wine with the meal table diamonds red wine