Monday, July 4, 2016

Trick dress shoes best mashups the most fashionable

Don't know which gusts blew sneaker trend, matching sneakers, windbreaker suits are sports shoes, party wear sneakers, look at the recent hit of your leading man of the stars dress + shoes, well, mix and match the most fashionable.

Kim Soo-hyun

Trick: dress + shoes best mashups the most fashionable

The actor Kim Soo-hyun you from the stars in the play to business attire or mirror, but aliens fashion, put up their sports shoes suit trousers. Green-loving leading man to bicycle transport every day, he likes to dress, black and white dress paired with dark blue shoes, this mashup approach seems there is no coordinated, instead of constructing harmonious picture.

  Tips: color with the dress uniform of sneakers, do not select colorful or jumping style, how much exaggeration because it is being installed, civility still needs some.

Fashion model

Trick: dress + shoes best mashups the most fashionable

Fall/winter coat set new balance running shoes have become the most fashionable look, both men and women. Lower body tend to take a pair of jeans or pencil pants, prominent sports highlights.

  Tips: pants-slim as possible, don't loose no type, legs can also be slightly rolled up, so much flavor.

  Fashion model

Trick: dress + shoes best mashups the most fashionable

Remains the combination of windbreaker and sneakers, gentleman take the movement within the long trench coat Hoodie, enhance the sense of leisure, along with a wool hat, overall weakening above the formal sense, but for fun, entertainment of the time wearing a lift.

  Tips: add motion, select the same color shoes, less formal sense, but also not a pure sense of movement collocations, strength was just right.

Fashion model

Typical date set, dating is a very serious thing, but do not want the atmosphere too embarrassing and is not active, so cutting the attention not body-tight suits, body suits take the shirts, sweatshirts, and jeans + sneakers, with a nifty cap on dating half the battle. One of the most popular bloggers in Asia they

  Tips: the overall take select sport shoes, style and don't need to exaggerate, usually basketball shoes, running shoes is the best choice, this canvas is not recommended, is less valued.

Sneakers sports dress stylish mix and match shoes Kim Soo-hyun actor of the stars you

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