Thursday, July 21, 2016

Android phones in the future can run iOS Black technology new product release

Hippocampus play independent research and development of a specifically designed for the iPhone to create high-end peripherals--released in Beijing, which is the world's first iPhone cell phone iOS/Android dual intelligent hardware. With a unique global patent technology, and iPhone to achieve and enhance innovation portfolio, Walker successfully defined a new category of intelligent peripheral, but realized the subversive initiative provides system-level extensions for Smartphone. Published the same day, Mecha in the official website and the store synchronization to open the spot for sale.

Android phones in the future can run iOS! Black technology new product release

IOS+Android dual systems and closely watched patent technology driven products

Can for iPhone first achieved double system of machine methyl, is a paragraph has more items patent technology created of technology new, Hippocampus play founder and CEO Dang Jinfeng in launches Shang not only detailed described has machine methyl from project to birth of large development story, also in launches Shang demonstrates has machine methyl of more items features function, which real-time hot switch of iOS+Android double system most by concern, the function can let iPhone through APP eager for into full of Android system, Symbiosis between iOS and Android both systems together, greatly enriched the Smartphone Usage scenarios and experiences.

Android phones in the future can run iOS! Black technology new product release

Difficult Combinatorial innovation, to bring iPhone upgrade

It is worth mentioning that, Mecha as well as implemented for iPhone dual SIM dual standby, capacity, charge, iPhone management features. Unlike General dual SIM card, dual is, Mecha in the software ecosystem support, allowing users with a cell phone through a different system, double open social software such as QQ, micro, double the number at the same time, it has dual social identity, thoroughly using both cell phone tedious and inconvenient. Mecha also provides additional storage space for iPhone, supports convert iPhone video, photos keys transferred to Mecha, alleviate the iPhone the "burden", download, photos completely worry-free. In addition, the Mecha's built-in battery is for iPhone provides additional power, increased 7-10 hours talk time, and significantly improve iPhone battery life, first-class integration charges and intelligent power management functionality, is to let the user work and life easier.

Android phones in the future can run iOS! Black technology new product release

Amazing iTunes on Android and iPhone management efficiency

In reference to the iPhone management features, party strength peaks in particular, walkers will carry iPhone management tool. ITunes once released to drop bombs on Android concept, this feature is the Mecha as a carrier, implements most features of iTunes, allowing users to thoroughly experienced through the complex of iPhone----iTunes management iPhone, users can directly implement depth management for the iPhone, including custom ring tone, local backup and batch processing, And this function will be pushed all the way by OTA upgrade users. This innovation will greatly optimize the iPhone user experience, improve the efficiency of the iPhone user management.

Android phones in the future can run iOS! Black technology new product release

Next step to achieve iOS on Android, mobile application no barrier

Dang Jinfeng, referring to the next step when planning, will build the perfect pathway to iOS for Android phones, and iOS on Android content explaining, launch event is raised the biggest cheers. The imaginative ideas will further enhance the mobile experience for users, is worth the wait. This exciting technology is still under development, the suspense until the next iOS on Android finally revealed.

Strategic partners "APUS user system", create the best Android experience

At the press conference, the party peaks announced Android partner for APUS to Mecha, he says, "APUS user system" products are the perfect combination of technology and machines, the Mecha's performance to the Max. Methyl in the "APUS user system" will let iPhone users still feel when switching system the fastest and simplest phone uses experience and "APUS user system" unique features, such as APUS accelerated, APUS search, APUS headlines, make the machine a user is simple easy and fast access to mobile Internet. APUS offers global popular themes and wallpapers, also for more cool desktops, more personalized. APUS's founder and CEO Li Tao, APUS by unique technology, became the first Android to run on Apple systems, so that more users know APUS user system. The future APUS will work together to optimize the user's system, or want to go overseas with Mecha, more overseas APUS iPhone user experience the user's system.

Android phones in the future can run iOS! Black technology new product release

Tencent hand in hand in the hippocampus, to create the world's biggest An Zhuoyun platform

Conference end, Dang Jinfeng also throws another big news, Hippocampus play over the next three years invested more than 1 billion yuan, Tencent cloud cloud business base in global synchronization in conjunction, to create the world's biggest An Zhuoyun platform. Tencent Vice President of cloud computing business Li Wentao was invited to attend and give a speech, he said, as cloud computing technology continues to ferment, An Zhuoyun services showed strong momentum of development in the area. As strategic partners of the hippocampus, Tencent will rely on a rich Internet experience and top-class public cloud services technologies, Hippocampus provides technical, operational, security and network infrastructure, such as a full range of operational support, the two sides will work together for the customers and users with a new landmark of cloud computing services for mobile content. Together to create the world's biggest An Zhuoyun platform, based on the opening prelude to next 10 years the cloud for mobile content.

Cross-platform mobile application for entrance to build a complete ecological patterns

Peak of the party mentioned that Mecha hippocampus of birth would help to further improve the company's "cross-platform mobile apps" strategy, by moving the virtualization technology, you can create a new scenario, building a new user entry. Greatly release the user value and business value. Hippocampus currently playing "hardware + software + service" complete ecological pattern has been showing signs of integration, next playing partners hand in hand in the hippocampus through cross-border innovation, ways of further improving the ecological system of deep integration, and for users, industry and society continue to create new experiences and high value.

Black technology products in good faith, Mecha website, Jingdong Mall open spot for sale Reasoning which one is correct

Armour which constantly surprises, broke the news of new product launches, both unprecedented technological breakthrough or unconventional combination of innovation is full of sincerity, and "wedded to the extraordinary" the Conference theme also reflects the Mech behind the teams focus on technology innovation, focused idea of an extraordinary experience. At the press conference on that day, the world's first dual system, dual SIM card, dual standby, charging high-end peripherals, expansion capabilities, already official Jingdong Mall and opened a spot for sale, Mech iPhone6/6S price 999 Yuan, Mecha iPhone6 Plus/iPhone6S Plus Edition pricing of 1099 Yuan.

Hippocampal IOS iphoneandroid launches new global mobile

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