Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Shang Hui international CHINA FACE 15 anniversary celebration ended

  On June 6, 2016, Hui international "CHINA FACE" 15 anniversary celebration held at the Exhibition Center, Zhuhai, from France, and Korea, and Japan, Hong Kong's strategic partners from across the Agency, Terminal sales more than more than 4,000 core customers gathered in Zhuhai, share development opportunities, cooperation in attendance were encouraged to witness best international youth 15 years!

Global resources, ethnic make-up to the world

"Best international for 15 years to build a China Face, next-best international will also adhere to the brand has been the original intention, China is committed to the development of the local cosmetics market. "Is referred to at the meeting, Hui Ye Hankun, Chairman of the international. To this end, the best international with the international top companies France PeclersParis color company, follow international fashion trends, Asian women fashion color depth research. Together the world's top chemical company BASF, new Sun technology to be introduced and the concept of comprehensive introduction BASF raw materials to ensure quality. And Japan, and Korea, and Australia and other countries of advanced enterprise for production and technical cooperation. Pursuit of raw material supplies, fashion studies, production and manufacturing comprehensive restructuring and upgrading, to promote the brand "made in China" to "China-made" transformation and upgrading, ethnic make-up to the world and let the world see China beauty!

France PeclersParis airuike·dushang color Global CEO said at a ceremony, this time with Shang Hui international cooperation, Shang Hui international will bring international experience and to assist Shang Hui international developed the best products on the market in China, becoming a leader brand, ensure the long-term competitiveness of Whitney group, promote Shang Hui international on one level on the international stage.

Shang Hui international chemical giant BASF achieved the strategic "marriage", while BASF Mao Jianwen, Deputy Chief doctor to introduce the latest Sun technology and the concept of comprehensive introduction BASF raw materials to ensure excellent product quality. Also confirmed at the meeting, Ye Hankun references to "best international, through persistent upgrading of insisting on quality, to work towards the vision of creating a respected brand in the world. "

Renowned Hong Kong Designer, by Hong Kong media as "brand doc" Tommy Li believes that personality, added value is the most important element of the system. The best international invited Tommy Li for the brands in person "fencing", still best international brands will transform into consumers like the new character and image, and to ensure that best international walk in the forefront of the market.

Three major brands a comprehensive upgrade, help customers nationwide for further success

Qiao dishanghui, Shang Hui, three brands of ru makeup comprehensive upgrade, mark Shang Hui international group, a magnificent metamorphosis! In the past year, its three major brands have achieved outstanding results, focusing on product cushion CC cream sales exceeded 4 million, through the large-scale training of 300 for the year, key accounts training 200 games, achieving retail 120 million. In terms of channels, eject submunitions channels 18,000 outlets, incremented by 10% year. 2016 would herald set sail for the next 15 years!

Deep 15, emphasizing "fresh, lovely," Qiao dishanghui on customer groups has left a good brand reputation, with excellent quality and service has captured a large number of loyal consumers. The precedent created binary star endorsements clever dishanghui to bring a brand new CP spokesman--Korea portfolio Swing Girls and gods oubazhanggen the large stunning debut, attract more new generation of consumers, and to cooperate on the brand image with Tommy Li, born again brand vitality.

Adhere to the Oriental aesthetic style, that "modern Chinese" Shang Hui of the hottest hand in hand international supermodel cuckoo. As the new voice of Shang Hui, the azalea will show the world the beauty of the Orient. In addition, Shang Hui and Hunan satellite TV card column I depth cooperation is of great beauty, invited a number of gods goddesses common to create the "China Face" documentary trailer first, shocked the audience, voice to the world!

In Korea under the single brand store craze spread, the main "essential oils" for positioning "fast fashion, individuality and freedom" ru makeup brand is announced at the ceremony will enter the single-brand stores. Debut new franchise store image, covering categories such as skincare, makeup, facials, body treatments, and meet consumer needs. Refreshing store design, comfortable shopping environment and customized services specifically designed for consumers to capture a large number of distributors and terminal owners stopped to visit.

Three brand new upgraded experience area, agrees with the diversification of consumer needs to promote the program, as well as brand endorser of stars powerful lineup. Shang Hui international branding, channel strategy and other innovations have enhanced the confidence of agents, distributors, financial Department was continued. In return, Whitney Howard Johnson International is constantly! 10000, 20000 Yuan, Shang Hui international 15 anniversary of cash bars, BMW 1-series and the Mercedes-Benz c-class, such as raffle gifts make customers successful! V Eugene Delacroix beautiful sister simply complete

Star bright, glory

In the much anticipated, Qiao presented dishanghui binary spokesperson. From Korea a combination of Swing Girls alive, Jang Keun Suk Ou Bashuai appearances, fans cheering again and again! Followed by Shang Hui international supermodel-the face of cuckoo in order to impress a long white skirt.

Three brands also brought together Asian makeup guru ANDY for the guests a beautiful customized color cosmetics show.

Youth 15 years, best international brand, channel strategy and other aspects of a radical innovation, and with a new look to celebrate the next-best international for 15 years!

Shang Hui China represent a global celebration of international brands face makeup

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