Saturday, June 25, 2016

A recruit break the Christmas lie on the era of mediocrity for the evening return

There is a week's Christmas, parties have been included in the itinerary, what to wear is one difficulty brains of all men, do not want to hit a fierce shirts come. Elegant gentleman is decent to wear, break the mediocrity for the evening return to the era of Opera.

Charlie Chaplin silent film stills

Charlie Chaplin silent film stills

20th century early to medium-term, to comedy master Chaplin led began has silent times, in this during wear clothing style also has fixed of style, hat, and black and white dress, and vest, and black tie, and black shoes, this sets classic of match also is big degree Shang of effect has now of are loaded style, just now of fashion style extends and joined has some fashion elements, but it has became has men dress in the of classic.

Match the model:

Match the model

Match the model

DOLCE and GABBANA black suit

£ 373

LOCK and CO HATTERS vest My skin cat Super detail winter skin care

£ 297

LANVIN silk hat

£ 89

GUCCI white shirt

£ 266

Of the rain song stills

Of the rain song stills

The rain song (Singin' in the Rain) is a United States color film to cover more than 50 years, is not only a timeless music musical masterpieces, but also show the transition to sound films from the silent era in Hollywood film comedies in the history of the dynasty. Play leading man in gray suit, take a white shirt and tie, hat matches, aristocratic dressed always in a Christmas party called focus.

Show gown model

2014 men's week

2014 men's week

Hackett London, Dsquared2 spring/summer men's 2014, and now extend the style of dress is to join a suit printing design, as well as diversified in color, is no longer black and white tones.

Street photography model

Fashion model

French people usually wear a suit, dress or dress, colors are blue, gray or black, texture and more for wool. While attending a celebration ceremony: generally formal. Are accompanied by men wearing bow tie Tuxedo or black suit, which wears a lift can also be used in the upcoming Christmas party.

Age Christmas evening Opera black suit with Charlie Chaplin Hats

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