Saturday, April 2, 2016

Xu Hao Ying style see SI meaning leaning fashion shoes

This season's full of STACCATO is attracting attention, and thousands of, not only came to known as "Hong Kong after the surge," said XU Hao Ying portrait of transboundary designed pair of shoes, Xu Hao Ying hands-on, but also access to for example four trends to wear take absolutely outfit and gimmick Hoang spent another all the eyes of the people.

Xu Hao Ying's four sets of wearing a lift Fighting the season autumn candy color struck

First spring and summer atmosphere is loaded with white Platform shoes and Leopard print Bubble skirt combination of Freehand, simple and straightforward rocker sandal with layered sheer Leopard print Bubble skirt to match properly, fresh and natural white leading the trend of spring and summer, and brown color combination is both comfortable and stylish, Xu Hao, filled with aromas of Ying-trend style. Second match is contrary to the free feeling of simplicity, retro sexy flicks go directly into the era. In spring and summer the most classic white and beige combinations, cut loose white shirts and fits Panasonic on the appropriately high waist skirt to create tight beautiful outline, final summary to the strong feminine fish mouth high heels boots out eye-catching attraction. Remove both sets in addition to form, Xu Hao Ying daily Favorites to wear take jumpsuit tube top dress and ornate little dresses also have fit, Xu Hao Ying's ingenuity collocation and STACCATO of single shoes spring/summer 2011 collection show personality against handsome, sexy and volatile impression.

Throughout the four sets of Xu Hao Ying wore a lift, not difficult to match found shoes on your whole body becomes the focus of attention. This principle using small mix of real shows without much fuss, don't twist shape whose time has come. Handy is the fun of pop, current play style is not that unique style wanton attitude, so let us follow XU Hao Ying together enjoying the shoe and leaning, for shoes and lovely spring and summer!

Xu Hao Ying fashion spring/summer trends with staccato wears a lift for spring/summer white

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