Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sweater Cardigan tights a second Korean female temperament

In recent years all the Korean style is quite passionate about, whether it be a kpop star is the star of Korean dramas, we are in hot pursuit of the objects, they sometimes sexy elegant and gentle elegance. Not bloated because of cold weather in the winter, sweater Cardigan not only warm and excellent, also losing taste in fashion, highlight the long and slender legs and tight pants, definitely make you look thin and elegant.

Hipster mix model

Hipster mix model

Small series of reviews: Red mohair Cardigan, warm and stylish, simple matching long gray t-shirt and black leggings, wide and narrow on, great slimming effect! Oxford shoes and hand bags are understated texture of pink.

Hipster mix model

Small series of reviews: gray letters t-beam into high waist skinny jeans, she immediately becomes 3:7, tall and slim, in a nifty orange sweater coat Cardigan, fashion is moving.

Hipster mix model

Small series of reviews: khaki pants and a white shirt, and suspenders, was immediately lively college style, outside a gray long sweater Cardigan, warm and practical, plus a little black hat style full points.

Hipster mix model Preheating on the tables of New York fashion week

Small series of reviews: Royal Blue striped Cardigan Sweater dress is very pretty and clean feeling, with a black shirt and white tights and nude booties, soft, feminine.

Tights, cardigan sweater with the temperament of people with comments fashion slimming

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