Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New favorite fashion WANTS good things IOS version and then upgrade

Last year, cross-border e-commerce platform battle heats up, with Alistair Darling, Ocean Terminal, a little red book, a vertical cross-border e-commerce players have emerged, of cross-border e-commerce business is rapidly becoming electronic commerce "network red" character levels. However, as Amoy sea cross-border e-commerce in the near future the introduction of a new tax system, as well as Amazon, Jingdong and Ali and other large e-commerce platforms have set foot in the small and medium seemed to usher in a cross-border e-commerce platform "spring Infinity" for the first time since the cold wave. According to 2015-survey data shows, 85, after the crowd was scouring the sea's biggest potential target groups, but frequency weekly users of the Amoy dialect rarely, only 9% of the Hai Tao users, average annual spending of most users, less than 1000 Yuan. How to overseas competition in this soup base, and become a major cross-border e-commerce problem.

New favorite fashion: WANTS

Rising star WANTS "good things" (with "WANTS" for short) is preferred in young user's perspective, another way, only overseas within the hundred of high quality merchandise for dabbling, in conjunction with "10 o'clock, 10 percent is bought", exclusive buyers scouring the sea live and "Sun" partitions such as model for young people looking for real cheap and good things overseas.

New favorite fashion: WANTS

As a fashion through the ride and started with a video of the mobile Internet company, WANTS the integration of the fashion set, community and e-commerce functionality aimed at real after the interests of mining commodities, built just after the new fashion boutique atmosphere of the crowd, as they pick out cheap beauty products overseas.

New favorite fashion: WANTS

Overseas direct marketing-"the only good quality and brand hundred"

90, after 95 people is the main objective of cross-border e-commerce markets competing for customers, huge potential for consumption, brands, personalities, trends, and other labels have their own unique perspectives and needs, but at the same time, purchasing power is still in favor of a lightweight. Now, scouring the sea platform does not demand this young group of goods prices and services segment, "what's selling, what's the hottest selling" make it difficult for users to "buy" this step. WANTS to seize the existing vacancies in the market, selection of good quality and brand hundred overseas only, select product strives to achieve affordable, more fit the tastes and needs of this group. WANTS the commodity categories, beauty skin care products price no more than 100 Yuan, average prices for products such as clothing shoes bags less than 200 Yuan. Meanwhile, WANTS by way of direct contract with the brands and overseas outlets, both to ensure the supply of quality, and lower commodity prices, meet the needs of users to buy cheap goods from overseas.

New favorite fashion: WANTS

"10 o'clock daily 10 percent purchased"-open a new era shopping spree

WANTS good things IOS1.2.3 opened the popular "morning 10 a 10 percent" Welfare Unit, the line of traditional shopping malls under the annual port and shopping spree to the daily online, to create "daily good-keep, Carnival is more than a day" concept of welfare. WANTS every day at 10 o'clock in the morning pushing 10 percent foreign brand goods goods covers the skin care, makeup, costumes, light luxury more than more than 10 categories, furniture, food, and all of these direct mail items overseas free shipping. Such a massive drain of long-term profit-sharing activity, said founder WANTS, we hope that every day can give users different surprises, really improve on your WANTS needs and purchasing power.

New favorite fashion: WANTS

Whole process live video Hai Tao, exclusive buyer personally take you pick the most in a single product

Quality content-oriented is one of the key elements of the e-commerce platform to operate successfully. Simple representations of words + pictures can no longer meet the needs of young people, "from where did you get? source reliable? products really work?" Still is the biggest heart patient user scouring the sea. "Watch"-the true feelings and understanding of the purchase process, will become the future trend of the development of mobile e-commerce. WANTS to invite dozens of global professional fashion buying, shopping across the globe, live sea wash the whole process of purchase. For users looking for the most in fashion items, types include cosmetics, skin care products, clothing, snacks, household, and so on. Also, users now can order buying experience fun with fashion buyer with Tao.

New favorite fashion: WANTS

Sharing, good taste around looking for playmates

WANTS special "Sun" share community, covering different categories of shares amounts to a person. Users can at any time in the community to share and learn shopping experience, product experience, tips and trends to wear take tips, build a real intimate lifestyle sharing circles. Meanwhile, WANTS invited around the world fashion bloggers, professional make-up artists, stylists, take small for recording beauty, seasonal tutorials, offers fashion tips dry level for the user.

WANTS "good things" founding team

WANTS the team members made up of personalities, trends after the. The core team, worked 360 in co-founder and technical director for all, and SINA and everyone's product Director, serving there Korea artist, and music MV Director was that the Director of the team, as well as post and video filming crews.

It is reported that WANTS "good" at present only for IOS users, the new IOS1.2.7 version will be available in the near future. REC boost international brand analysis released

Amoy overseas business IOS fashion brand new favorite purchase selection

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