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Fashion designer Angelababy photo play do show clothing

Following the autumn/winter 09 Le base, have been invited to cooperate, after the launch of its b+AB designed by Gaile series, this season's autumn/winter b+AB in cooperation with another famous model Angelababy, combined with Angelababy innate fashion sense and creativity, design a series of 26 b+AB x Angelababy with the theme of the Paris Collection. B+AB cooperation with Angelababy repeatedly, such as early as soon as Tiger sponsored charity t-shirt earlier b+AB shot of Angelababy new album Paradise, their rapport has been established, each more spark in cooperation with each other, fall/winter this season decided to cooperate to a larger, b+AB x Angelababy Collection was born.

Fashion designer Angelababy photo play do show clothing Fashion designer Angelababy photo play do show clothing

Sahagin style striped shirt fabric is soft and skin-friendly, collar with delicate bows and the atmosphere still feminine and sweet, with a sense of stylish leather pants an instant upgrade to catch wide double belt high waist pants feel, the overall image of fashion atmosphere to the utmost simplicity.

Fashion designer Angelababy photo play do show clothing

Modern girls fashion shirt black white, black and white stripes waist accented slim waist, with a loose Navy Blue skirt with a sense of expansion as a whole form a "wide-tight-wide" effect, and Devil figure like a pinched waist, sexy charm.

Fashion designer Angelababy photo play do show clothing

Black take lace black vest, graffiti the agreement very trendy Japanese Street style is very strong, got on a fur coat even more sexy gorgeous body, moudinghu a very punk-flavored wild rebellious element is added as a whole.

Fashion designer Angelababy photo play do show clothing

Army Green short t shoulder is has design sense, double patch design is particularly has texture, within Pocket exposed of hot pants is this year autumn most popular of design elements, are Shang of seeks nail decorative let originally incomplete of shorts looks also not is not natural, maximum of highlights also to said cortex chest clothing of match, bright cortex sense will retro style of chest clothing became avant-garde fashion, neck with waist between retro beads series, and chains decorative let overall is rebellious sense full.

Fashion designer Angelababy photo play do show clothing

Pearls, precious stones, silver, when they gather together to let you have an unprecedented sense of retro, gold tone gorgeous sound, unassuming personality show, matching leather upholstery with the sexy taste of treason.

Fashion designer Angelababy photo play do show clothing

Colors of black, white and grey fur waistcoat sexy atmosphere, is fond of fur MM wardrobes, minimalist color natural and highly layered, fur sleeveless style is versatile, matching dresses, skinny jeans and very temperamental.

Fashion designer Angelababy photo play do show clothing

Sexy fur jacket matched with what is appropriate? Best sense of rebellion as a whole? Mouding, chains are essential, with Mu nailed black bow card rebellion fully, and can meet your bow plot, red leather bracelet with a metal ring are friends kefan, goes very well with coat skin trash bag to keep you with the overall tone is set at the same time very rebellious.

Fashion designer Angelababy photo play do show clothing

Black Lace dress is gorgeous and sexy whole body, upper body thin lace fabric sexy index increase shoulder puff sleeve design, matching lace skirt appears very loli, sweet high catch structured fur waistcoat, very big fan.

Diagonal Cardigan jacket full of cool red light skin, wide shoulder pads will play very tough, with Black Lace skirts with fur boots rather punk style, trend, a strong sense of rebellion.

The hit of the fall season of fur it is essential, the tide certainly will not miss so sexy element, fur vest especially popular this year, caught a black mesh skirt, wild. Mood match home color science

Black and white print tube top dress pattern is very refined, very sexy tube top design, build on black silk waist look very dapper, placed at the end of a black lining, rich folds make elegant colors look sweet in black and white.

Quite eye-catching red dress, looser version with sexy strapless design double hem fish scale stack design is novel and unique Internet yarn fabrics can highlight women's hot body.

Very small ethnic style green waistcoat, embroidered works quite fine, got on a black and white striped jumpsuit with a sense of flow, but also with local culture and customs.

Standard mix of Japanese street fashion, cool black suit simple feeling is full, put wherever practical in the way black and white, with a white shirt is just right, with waist shorts, simple fashion trends style.

Camel skirt feels elegant NET yarn, nude sleeve design h-clipping got on a belt or jacket are good, placed at the end of a wide variety of vertical folds make legs look tall and slim, its sense of movement makes the overall look very dignified.

Very honest of a dress, silk fiber-textured chiffon tube top matching skirt two materials to create a visual experience had shown the grace and charm of women, breast fold design is the body supple and skirt high waist position look more gentle and graceful figure.

Shiny fabrics light full, personalized graffiti shading gives people a feeling of mystery, it tube top design is very sexy and moving, wrap style is to build tall, mature feel.

Black slim dress are mature, t design looks very official, lace patterns cut cuffs full of intellectual beauty, wide skirt design with circles on both sides functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Pale pink silk print dress, the skirt folds is a lady up on both sides, with a wide Brown belt as a whole becomes very slim, bright colors give the impression of fresh and beautiful, ladies full of gas.

Design match angelababy black sexy rebellious fur fashion photo

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