Monday, April 25, 2016

2013 spring trumpet skirt beautiful ride profile

When the hem of a skirt is given a specific shape, the entire lower body contour changes, especially on easy shaping material better. 2013 is the profile type fashion popular years up to the world famous down to ordinary brands have launched profile series, brought a blooming condition, let us first see faster from your brand.

Unique "horn" dress

Image is also taken from the sky, showing a picture of a white clouds floating in the sky scene, profile type skirts are also free up constraints on size.


Unique "horn" dress

Skirt shape using the embedded design, highlighting the icing and let hem trumpet flower opening, its shape is beautiful, real, is the crowning of the whole skirt.

Wide shape distribute beauty

Collection pleated skirt with plenty of cloth into a beautiful ruffled, with wider shape starts from the waist down, and promoter of beauty.

Fun styling yet feminine

Upper body joined the profile of this year's most popular element, the skirt in the presence of a belt forming a trumpet-shaped look very feminine. Choosing the right carpet ingenious arrangement

"Blue sky and white clouds" moving beauty

Whole dress is inspired by the blue sky and white clouds, a few simple strokes can delineate the faint white clouds and the green green grass, beautiful draping to create the hem.

Petal-hem said retro beauty

Lattice noble England brought wind, petal-like hem at waist so that it passes under the effect of stunning vintage beauty.

Trumpet hem dress clouds skirt skirt matching print woman

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