Saturday, April 30, 2016

Thin cotton sweater dress Sun while playing cool

Thin cotton sweater + dress Sun while playing cool

All kinds of dresses, floral or sweet, or warm, red, or low light grey or classic black dress, or midnight blue, every time I look back, just like your tenderness.  Quietly take your breath. Editor's choice: small beige skirt, matching blue-and-red dot detail small shirts, sweet style show small beige skirt, matching blue-and-red dot detail small shirts, can't hide the Sun kissing, sexy legs show only a sweet style. End of winter solstice traditions encyclopedia

Thin cotton sweater + dress Sun while playing cool

Editor's choice: beige small floral skirt, matching red small shirts, take away your breath. Beige floral little dress, show the little girls little ditty, with a bright red small shirts, eye-catching steal, sweet, soaring with a black canvas shoes, between looking back, I take your breath.

Thin cotton sweater + dress Sun while playing cool

Editor's choice: Red cake skirt even the skirt with a black Cardigan, sweet for yourself, and put the most beautiful scenery of Red cake skirt one skirt, sweet little girl, happy little girl with a black Cardigan, only leave the most beautiful heart in heart, I look away, turned around, leaving you in the eyes of the most beautiful scenery.

Thin cotton sweater + dress Sun while playing cool

Editor's choice: grey skirt, with a sky blue sweater, girls, popularity grey skirt, low-key dramatic simplicity, with a sky blue sweater, my heart is a cloud that freedom won't stop, with a black metal chain small bag, girl out, and popularity.

Editor's choice: pale purple one-skirt, with a light green sweater, hold youth happiness time pale purple skirt, with little scent of a woman, with a light green Cardigan, Miss youth green campus, head of low carbon straw hat, one sniff to get the taste of the Sun, happiness from this frame.

Matching cardigan dress Sun dress cool editor's sweet little shirt

Thursday, April 28, 2016

I t Shanghai Festival 2011 trend Carnival hits

Following the early success after landing i.t Hong Kong City Festival 2011, i.t fashion fashion games hot hit Shanghai.

I.t. Shanghai Festival 2011 trend Carnival hits

I.t trend Carnival opens a forest exploration activities

This hot summer, i.t to bring its numerous fashion brand, including Japan Street i.t, British style of a young brand FRENCH CONNECTION, as well as its original brand, b+AB, branded as a novelty game this season's latest single product a vivid demonstration. Cutting-edge technology and the trend in meeting, for the fine once again provides the world's leading current "buy clothes dress up programme".

I.t. Shanghai Festival 2011 trend Carnival hits

People in Shanghai experienced i.t virtual dress up

To facilitate the activities of the day, the i.t Festival with original wooden huts and forest, as the design scene: huge windmill House said Yi Yi, carved bushes rustling trees swaying, more cute little animals littered the ... ... All details match fusion quarter trend of the brand design style or element. The protagonist of "i.t virtual fitting room" and "i.t play cool Studio", the iPad with a combination of new games, hidden in the mystery of the Windmill House, offers exquisite grand prize is set so that each and every guest is like being on the forest-like quest. After you fill in the identity card, you will automatically have access to the forest, "pass", a wonderful trend seek travel of the treasure was opened.

I.t. Shanghai Festival 2011 trend Carnival hits

People in Shanghai experienced i.t virtual dress up

Entered the 1th, forest cabin, equipped with two Plasma TV and iPad, sell enter gender participation in the game will be available for iPad and begin to dress up and match game. Game time for three minutes, and only one player at a time independent challenges. In into clothing select interface Hou, has, and b+AB, and i.t, and FRENCH CONNECTION, brand of latest men and women paragraph single products figure near baikuan, mass "jacket", and "even body clothing", and "Xia loaded", and "distribution ornaments" let you free match, with finger in single products Shang stretch designated moving can by proportion adjustment size, can do best size fitting; and at, in another a of TV screen Shang, will appeared players personally match of rates picture, Menu product information will automatically appear in the lower left corner of the screen. If not, Restart again what carry replacement match. Dyke players confused by too many trends, and iPad displays on the lower left "time remaining" prompt the game time. Once satisfied with their matching works, click on the "done" key to end the selection. Interface will automatically alert the player shot countdown 5 seconds at the top of the TV picture. After the game, players can watch and receive instant prize redemption Department photo, i.t Festival Coupon. Photos are listed on each product's brand name, so you can make it to nearby stores for each brand clothing.

I.t. Shanghai Festival 2011 trend Carnival hits

I.t fashion Carnival-people rally High ride Temperature going to grace watches autumn mix

I.t. Shanghai Festival 2011 trend Carnival hits

I.t play cool Studio photo me

"Fantasy is that their endless changes in technology, and be happy." Also set two Plasma TV and iPad players still standing beside the iPad TV screens, this games for friends to participate, limited to three minutes. In a Flash, the catch being happy, we stop to remember. In Effect section, the players are free to choose their own style preferences of SNAPSHOT photography effects: "blur", "Gothic", "retro", "black and white", "warmer" and "classic LOMO", whether you're a Japanese love cute, punk also unbeaten, diversified modes will be able to meet individual and love you. During the game, iPad left corner displays the "time remaining" prompt the game time. Once you click on "Finish", iPad interface prompts the player to see the TV cameras photographed the countdown for 5 seconds. After the game, players can watch and receive instant prize redemption Department photo, i.t Festival Coupon.

I.t. Shanghai Festival 2011 trend Carnival hits

"More participation, more surprises." 2nd log cabin wall is provided with three different sizes of barrels, each opening of the barrel has a rotating windmill, increasing the difficulty. Each player will be given 5 game balls, respectively in the time allotted into barrels of different sizes, you can have different integration. And on the other a gaming desktop Logo placed 20 different brands of cards, each player flips on different log-in the time allotted the same Logo, respectively won various medals. Finally, according to the number of medals and points will receive prizes as well as i.t Festival Coupon.

I.t. Shanghai Festival 2011 trend Carnival hits

Trend of the games single player iPad Carnival brand Shanghai products matching

Monday, April 25, 2016

2013 spring trumpet skirt beautiful ride profile

When the hem of a skirt is given a specific shape, the entire lower body contour changes, especially on easy shaping material better. 2013 is the profile type fashion popular years up to the world famous down to ordinary brands have launched profile series, brought a blooming condition, let us first see faster from your brand.

Unique "horn" dress

Image is also taken from the sky, showing a picture of a white clouds floating in the sky scene, profile type skirts are also free up constraints on size.


Unique "horn" dress

Skirt shape using the embedded design, highlighting the icing and let hem trumpet flower opening, its shape is beautiful, real, is the crowning of the whole skirt.

Wide shape distribute beauty

Collection pleated skirt with plenty of cloth into a beautiful ruffled, with wider shape starts from the waist down, and promoter of beauty.

Fun styling yet feminine

Upper body joined the profile of this year's most popular element, the skirt in the presence of a belt forming a trumpet-shaped look very feminine. Choosing the right carpet ingenious arrangement

"Blue sky and white clouds" moving beauty

Whole dress is inspired by the blue sky and white clouds, a few simple strokes can delineate the faint white clouds and the green green grass, beautiful draping to create the hem.

Petal-hem said retro beauty

Lattice noble England brought wind, petal-like hem at waist so that it passes under the effect of stunning vintage beauty.

Trumpet hem dress clouds skirt skirt matching print woman

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sweater Cardigan tights a second Korean female temperament

In recent years all the Korean style is quite passionate about, whether it be a kpop star is the star of Korean dramas, we are in hot pursuit of the objects, they sometimes sexy elegant and gentle elegance. Not bloated because of cold weather in the winter, sweater Cardigan not only warm and excellent, also losing taste in fashion, highlight the long and slender legs and tight pants, definitely make you look thin and elegant.

Hipster mix model

Hipster mix model

Small series of reviews: Red mohair Cardigan, warm and stylish, simple matching long gray t-shirt and black leggings, wide and narrow on, great slimming effect! Oxford shoes and hand bags are understated texture of pink.

Hipster mix model

Small series of reviews: gray letters t-beam into high waist skinny jeans, she immediately becomes 3:7, tall and slim, in a nifty orange sweater coat Cardigan, fashion is moving.

Hipster mix model

Small series of reviews: khaki pants and a white shirt, and suspenders, was immediately lively college style, outside a gray long sweater Cardigan, warm and practical, plus a little black hat style full points.

Hipster mix model Preheating on the tables of New York fashion week

Small series of reviews: Royal Blue striped Cardigan Sweater dress is very pretty and clean feeling, with a black shirt and white tights and nude booties, soft, feminine.

Tights, cardigan sweater with the temperament of people with comments fashion slimming

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Jeans is fashionable all over how popular denim item selected

I believe many people know that the Cowboys, but not necessarily know the tannins. Denim (Denim) is denim. As early as 500 years ago, when Columbus discovered the new world, the tough, practical the rough cloth appear, at a time when it is used for making sails, now the "toughness" cloth is widely applied to the fashion element. So here's the thing, Dan rather, these items how should I choose how to build it?

Don't panic, let editors to help you out and see all those must-have denim items, matched with "Denim on Denim" trendy to trend-setting Fashion Icon! Take a look at how to match the stars!

Jeans is fashionable all over how popular denim item selected

Alessandra Ambrosio in a loose cut jeans jacket matched with a wide leg jeans, easy to create a Laid-back feeling.

Jeans is fashionable all over how popular denim item selected

With jeans and wearing a wild feeling, can Selena Gomez in tight white vest with high waist jeans, outside a long denim coat, pretty good figure.

Jeans is fashionable all over how popular denim item selected

Cowboy items are essential to everyone's wardrobe, and "Denim on Denim" is a classic, at any time on lined denim jacket and jeans, has great fashion taste. This season, for your cowboy style if you want more fun that followed the fashionistas to give it a try!

Jeans is fashionable all over how popular denim item selected

Striped t shirt is also a very versatile items. Why are you looking forward to the new year Clearly

Jeans is fashionable all over how popular denim item selected

White shirt and denim vest is very fresh!

Jeans is fashionable all over how popular denim item selected

Wide-leg pants that have been hot to not work this season, followed with the color of worn a lift even more slender legs.

Jeans is fashionable all over how popular denim item selected

60 speakers Super profile of pants with denim jacket, plus a small scarf is really very modern!

If you are not sure how to get dressed, fringe elements is a good choice.

Denim denim denim fashion match fashion jeans denim jacket

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Fashion designer Angelababy photo play do show clothing

Following the autumn/winter 09 Le base, have been invited to cooperate, after the launch of its b+AB designed by Gaile series, this season's autumn/winter b+AB in cooperation with another famous model Angelababy, combined with Angelababy innate fashion sense and creativity, design a series of 26 b+AB x Angelababy with the theme of the Paris Collection. B+AB cooperation with Angelababy repeatedly, such as early as soon as Tiger sponsored charity t-shirt earlier b+AB shot of Angelababy new album Paradise, their rapport has been established, each more spark in cooperation with each other, fall/winter this season decided to cooperate to a larger, b+AB x Angelababy Collection was born.

Fashion designer Angelababy photo play do show clothing Fashion designer Angelababy photo play do show clothing

Sahagin style striped shirt fabric is soft and skin-friendly, collar with delicate bows and the atmosphere still feminine and sweet, with a sense of stylish leather pants an instant upgrade to catch wide double belt high waist pants feel, the overall image of fashion atmosphere to the utmost simplicity.

Fashion designer Angelababy photo play do show clothing

Modern girls fashion shirt black white, black and white stripes waist accented slim waist, with a loose Navy Blue skirt with a sense of expansion as a whole form a "wide-tight-wide" effect, and Devil figure like a pinched waist, sexy charm.

Fashion designer Angelababy photo play do show clothing

Black take lace black vest, graffiti the agreement very trendy Japanese Street style is very strong, got on a fur coat even more sexy gorgeous body, moudinghu a very punk-flavored wild rebellious element is added as a whole.

Fashion designer Angelababy photo play do show clothing

Army Green short t shoulder is has design sense, double patch design is particularly has texture, within Pocket exposed of hot pants is this year autumn most popular of design elements, are Shang of seeks nail decorative let originally incomplete of shorts looks also not is not natural, maximum of highlights also to said cortex chest clothing of match, bright cortex sense will retro style of chest clothing became avant-garde fashion, neck with waist between retro beads series, and chains decorative let overall is rebellious sense full.

Fashion designer Angelababy photo play do show clothing

Pearls, precious stones, silver, when they gather together to let you have an unprecedented sense of retro, gold tone gorgeous sound, unassuming personality show, matching leather upholstery with the sexy taste of treason.

Fashion designer Angelababy photo play do show clothing

Colors of black, white and grey fur waistcoat sexy atmosphere, is fond of fur MM wardrobes, minimalist color natural and highly layered, fur sleeveless style is versatile, matching dresses, skinny jeans and very temperamental.

Fashion designer Angelababy photo play do show clothing

Sexy fur jacket matched with what is appropriate? Best sense of rebellion as a whole? Mouding, chains are essential, with Mu nailed black bow card rebellion fully, and can meet your bow plot, red leather bracelet with a metal ring are friends kefan, goes very well with coat skin trash bag to keep you with the overall tone is set at the same time very rebellious.

Fashion designer Angelababy photo play do show clothing

Black Lace dress is gorgeous and sexy whole body, upper body thin lace fabric sexy index increase shoulder puff sleeve design, matching lace skirt appears very loli, sweet high catch structured fur waistcoat, very big fan.

Diagonal Cardigan jacket full of cool red light skin, wide shoulder pads will play very tough, with Black Lace skirts with fur boots rather punk style, trend, a strong sense of rebellion.

The hit of the fall season of fur it is essential, the tide certainly will not miss so sexy element, fur vest especially popular this year, caught a black mesh skirt, wild. Mood match home color science

Black and white print tube top dress pattern is very refined, very sexy tube top design, build on black silk waist look very dapper, placed at the end of a black lining, rich folds make elegant colors look sweet in black and white.

Quite eye-catching red dress, looser version with sexy strapless design double hem fish scale stack design is novel and unique Internet yarn fabrics can highlight women's hot body.

Very small ethnic style green waistcoat, embroidered works quite fine, got on a black and white striped jumpsuit with a sense of flow, but also with local culture and customs.

Standard mix of Japanese street fashion, cool black suit simple feeling is full, put wherever practical in the way black and white, with a white shirt is just right, with waist shorts, simple fashion trends style.

Camel skirt feels elegant NET yarn, nude sleeve design h-clipping got on a belt or jacket are good, placed at the end of a wide variety of vertical folds make legs look tall and slim, its sense of movement makes the overall look very dignified.

Very honest of a dress, silk fiber-textured chiffon tube top matching skirt two materials to create a visual experience had shown the grace and charm of women, breast fold design is the body supple and skirt high waist position look more gentle and graceful figure.

Shiny fabrics light full, personalized graffiti shading gives people a feeling of mystery, it tube top design is very sexy and moving, wrap style is to build tall, mature feel.

Black slim dress are mature, t design looks very official, lace patterns cut cuffs full of intellectual beauty, wide skirt design with circles on both sides functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Pale pink silk print dress, the skirt folds is a lady up on both sides, with a wide Brown belt as a whole becomes very slim, bright colors give the impression of fresh and beautiful, ladies full of gas.

Design match angelababy black sexy rebellious fur fashion photo

Friday, April 15, 2016

Spring does not show how the line You need to wear some pink peach

This week it's bustling entertainment, terrible revelations every day, do not know whether spring has come, everybody ready? Warm fall winter makeup against elastic smooth

This is not, study Ban Chenhe Zhang Zixuan was photographed, was pregnant by explosion. Look at Zhang Zixuan sister paper the flat shoes, sweatpants and a loose shirt, wore no makeup there, really like the thing, it's hard to not suspect pregnancy rhythm ... After news from the two together, I did not catch it less, a reality show, an open shop, tut tut ... But this affectionate show don't know there will be some true love powder heartfelt blessing.

Spring does not show how the line? You need to wear some pink peach

Since Jacky Gao Leixin and ex-wife last year after his divorce, his popularity soared, and become a popular singer and satin hands across borders. May be too busy because of work, after the divorce had not heard about his rumored. But Jacky recent exposure before the Ching Ming Festival together with ex-wife Gao Leixin went to mother's grave. And back in the same place, two people suspected to be low-key compound. Was probably going through some things, know how to cherish people around it, this boxiuen edit out wishes of love!

Spring does not show how the line? You need to wear some pink peach

In addition to the "brazen" in their own advertising on Twitter, Jacky also operates his own clothing brand. Usually clothing is also a standard musicians dress up plain black, tight trousers and boots, the impression has been very handsome.

Spring does not show how the line? You need to wear some pink peach Spring does not show how the line? You need to wear some pink peach Spring does not show how the line? You need to wear some pink peach

More awesome news is that Yang Yang and Victoria the brother and sister in love, is as God knows how many sister cry Halo on the toilet!! Sources said two people were taken to the cohabitation of a hotel for several days, I heard it was because of the same company, wanted to take the opportunity to hype, but a stark reality! Spring is a season of love, each star good things!

Spring does not show how the line? You need to wear some pink peach Spring does not show how the line? You need to wear some pink peach

Alas, for a single dog, stars loving is 10,000 storm victims wounded! Face-value estimation is hard but they, rather than taking advantage of the cherry blossom season, cherry powder quickly points to your peach go transit Ah!

Pantone official 2016 most in color including the powder (Rose Quartz), low saturation, soft colors, whole body exudes a thick "clean" taste. Reminiscent of a quiet sunset, shy, cheeks, the budding flower, people can find some belonging to the spring and summer in the busy life of happiness.

Daily dress code as long as the match into a pink items can add vitality to your style atmosphere.

Spring does not show how the line? You need to wear some pink peach

PANTONE color Association Deputy Chairman Laurie Pressman, said: "just like a woman, men are willing to try new colors," "of course not all men do. When gender differences are no longer rigid society to label color no longer when men wanted to show up more easily and are more likely to be accepted. "If you are still obsessed with pink cunt too, that's a bit too old-fashioned. The color of this shirt, unlike when a woman is wearing ladies and gentle men put it on is how romance is more romantic, white (thick legs carefully choose), this warm khaki pants as a whole very fresh, black pants with less error-prone.

Spring does not show how the line? You need to wear some pink peach

You can also consider white powder fine Plaid Shirt, both business and leisure.

Nick Wooster also gave a tender with his business-shirt with pink Crystal, with a nude-colored suit jacket, fresh, natural, sportsman Street must not be less dark glasses alongside the body, absolute force.

Pink Turtleneck Sweater is also a good item, with a dark fitted tapered pants, so simple styling matches have become different because of this particular color.

Get rid of the boring black and white, t-shirts with pink, not a pattern of cold, but much much happiness.

Some people are good at, funky Street color, pink Blazer matched with the printed t shirt, Adonis was opened in the spring! Even a scraggly beard could not conceal the share of British romantic style. Sportsman is to the right of a mint-green tie successfully steal, black men have no need to worry about Pink lining colour, feel free to try, you can make enough repeated customers.

Uncle Nick is minutes walk in the forefront of fashion, pink trousers he wore! White polo shirt, as well as his two big arm, edit the bet on this old gear so hot sister!

After the General wearing a pink items, other items on conservative neutral shades, so less error-prone. As long as it is the right mix, powder can bring you good luck.

If you can't in a pink dress pants, you can first begin with accessories, into the details this romantic color, this spring and summer, does not show how the line?!

Peach pink color Jacky Polo real xiuxiuen love nude

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New favorite fashion WANTS good things IOS version and then upgrade

Last year, cross-border e-commerce platform battle heats up, with Alistair Darling, Ocean Terminal, a little red book, a vertical cross-border e-commerce players have emerged, of cross-border e-commerce business is rapidly becoming electronic commerce "network red" character levels. However, as Amoy sea cross-border e-commerce in the near future the introduction of a new tax system, as well as Amazon, Jingdong and Ali and other large e-commerce platforms have set foot in the small and medium seemed to usher in a cross-border e-commerce platform "spring Infinity" for the first time since the cold wave. According to 2015-survey data shows, 85, after the crowd was scouring the sea's biggest potential target groups, but frequency weekly users of the Amoy dialect rarely, only 9% of the Hai Tao users, average annual spending of most users, less than 1000 Yuan. How to overseas competition in this soup base, and become a major cross-border e-commerce problem.

New favorite fashion: WANTS

Rising star WANTS "good things" (with "WANTS" for short) is preferred in young user's perspective, another way, only overseas within the hundred of high quality merchandise for dabbling, in conjunction with "10 o'clock, 10 percent is bought", exclusive buyers scouring the sea live and "Sun" partitions such as model for young people looking for real cheap and good things overseas.

New favorite fashion: WANTS

As a fashion through the ride and started with a video of the mobile Internet company, WANTS the integration of the fashion set, community and e-commerce functionality aimed at real after the interests of mining commodities, built just after the new fashion boutique atmosphere of the crowd, as they pick out cheap beauty products overseas.

New favorite fashion: WANTS

Overseas direct marketing-"the only good quality and brand hundred"

90, after 95 people is the main objective of cross-border e-commerce markets competing for customers, huge potential for consumption, brands, personalities, trends, and other labels have their own unique perspectives and needs, but at the same time, purchasing power is still in favor of a lightweight. Now, scouring the sea platform does not demand this young group of goods prices and services segment, "what's selling, what's the hottest selling" make it difficult for users to "buy" this step. WANTS to seize the existing vacancies in the market, selection of good quality and brand hundred overseas only, select product strives to achieve affordable, more fit the tastes and needs of this group. WANTS the commodity categories, beauty skin care products price no more than 100 Yuan, average prices for products such as clothing shoes bags less than 200 Yuan. Meanwhile, WANTS by way of direct contract with the brands and overseas outlets, both to ensure the supply of quality, and lower commodity prices, meet the needs of users to buy cheap goods from overseas.

New favorite fashion: WANTS

"10 o'clock daily 10 percent purchased"-open a new era shopping spree

WANTS good things IOS1.2.3 opened the popular "morning 10 a 10 percent" Welfare Unit, the line of traditional shopping malls under the annual port and shopping spree to the daily online, to create "daily good-keep, Carnival is more than a day" concept of welfare. WANTS every day at 10 o'clock in the morning pushing 10 percent foreign brand goods goods covers the skin care, makeup, costumes, light luxury more than more than 10 categories, furniture, food, and all of these direct mail items overseas free shipping. Such a massive drain of long-term profit-sharing activity, said founder WANTS, we hope that every day can give users different surprises, really improve on your WANTS needs and purchasing power.

New favorite fashion: WANTS

Whole process live video Hai Tao, exclusive buyer personally take you pick the most in a single product

Quality content-oriented is one of the key elements of the e-commerce platform to operate successfully. Simple representations of words + pictures can no longer meet the needs of young people, "from where did you get? source reliable? products really work?" Still is the biggest heart patient user scouring the sea. "Watch"-the true feelings and understanding of the purchase process, will become the future trend of the development of mobile e-commerce. WANTS to invite dozens of global professional fashion buying, shopping across the globe, live sea wash the whole process of purchase. For users looking for the most in fashion items, types include cosmetics, skin care products, clothing, snacks, household, and so on. Also, users now can order buying experience fun with fashion buyer with Tao.

New favorite fashion: WANTS

Sharing, good taste around looking for playmates

WANTS special "Sun" share community, covering different categories of shares amounts to a person. Users can at any time in the community to share and learn shopping experience, product experience, tips and trends to wear take tips, build a real intimate lifestyle sharing circles. Meanwhile, WANTS invited around the world fashion bloggers, professional make-up artists, stylists, take small for recording beauty, seasonal tutorials, offers fashion tips dry level for the user.

WANTS "good things" founding team

WANTS the team members made up of personalities, trends after the. The core team, worked 360 in co-founder and technical director for all, and SINA and everyone's product Director, serving there Korea artist, and music MV Director was that the Director of the team, as well as post and video filming crews.

It is reported that WANTS "good" at present only for IOS users, the new IOS1.2.7 version will be available in the near future. REC boost international brand analysis released

Amoy overseas business IOS fashion brand new favorite purchase selection

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Practical stay popular Spring mix

The weather is getting warmer, even when going out are to be covered with a thick coat, but the feeling of spring has been growing, lightweight and practical vest became the season's first spring styles, shirt or t-shirt is fit, without affecting thickness while an extra layer of clothing, that the people do not love is very difficult.

Practical stay popular Spring mix

Received excellent results in long black vest is ideal for tall girls

Received excellent results in long black vest is perfect for the taller girl, with long shirts are visually obvious extension, vest above a row of silver buttons also plays a decorative role. Skinny pants with simple heels is the body to maximize the landscaping.

Practical stay popular Spring mix

The blue denim vest 2008 Chinese actress dress election

More casual denim vest, street, compare well with t-shirt kind of casual dress, if you must match shirt, it is best not to wear into the Office of serious. Cute cartoon outfit would be a better choice.

Practical stay popular Spring mix

Modern Cardigan zippers decorate the vest

Printed chiffon dress is the most popular with the girls of spring clothing, light romantic style always easy to get girls ' favor. Put a Cardigan zipper vests, immediately add some modern urban sense, but also reveal a few minutes able career women temperament.

Practical stay popular Spring mix

Sporty hooded vest

Sports selected such a convenient stay put off, hat designs add some youthful energies. GATHERING on the one hand to beautify the body at the waist, but also more convenient activities.

Practical stay popular Spring mix

Slim long black jacket

More formal black vest with casual t shirt seems to have a different feel, slits behind the vest design to make it more fitting the body lines.

Practical stay popular Spring mix

Super short vest

Vest not only adding clothing layers, can also play a role in pushing the chest, making your breasts look more full physical, especially color colorful outfits formed color contrast also reflects the effect of vest.

Practical stay popular Spring mix

National wind vest

Brown vest with ethnic color with a wide mix of front strap design and lace trim adds to the girls of charming atmosphere.

Black waist Pocket vest

More orthodox style vest special highlights at the waist line, the following matching pettiskirt makes beautiful s-shaped is more obvious.

Spring black suit vest matching small vest costume shirt