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You never thought of summer can dress like this Your clothes Q advanced match

Don't miss it! The hit of the season of summer with fresh from the oven! Very well the girls don't know what to wear each day, this unexpected summer mix inside any clothes you don't wear your closet can turn corruption into magic. Hee hee! 5tips, small was sent to dress you extrapolate not only inspiration and let you charm like a street person, Mei Street, it's that simple!

You never thought of summer can dress like this! Your clothes Q advanced match

>>> "Tips 1 scarf" small accessories: thousands take a fashionable scarf.

Clothing Q advanced it! summer why not have silk scarves? you can choose thin and slightly narrower stylish Ribbon to create your daily style. On the match, either as a simple ornament, is also used as a scarf, braiding hair is definitely the perpetual ride! scarves, of course there's more unexpected role, such as wrist bands, acts as a belt bag. Smart girl in her bag on the back of a trendy, classic silk scarf, block air conditioning, warm summer rain on colds, skirt accidentally soiling can also take on the body block, embarrassing collision shirt scarf can instantly to your rescue.

"Scarves Look 1" adds a retro pop art silk scarves, all of a sudden the whole fashion. If we remove the scarf and will not let people forget. (Hint: last page of Easter eggs!)

Model: a wine red + pop retro scarf Brown thread knitting top+ decorative metal zipper leather skirt + sunglasses + a metallic platform heels

You never thought of summer can dress like this! Your clothes Q advanced match

"Recommend mix"

① Zara pop vintage silk scarf is $ 99

② forever 21 heels with pointed up loop 179 CNY

③ Topshop leather skirt with a word 1162 CNY

④ H&M vintage felt hat is $ 199

⑤ UR vintage knit jacket is $ 135

You never thought of summer can dress like this! Your clothes Q advanced match

"Scarves Look 2" unique eye law of absorption: the stylish silk scarf in your favorite handbags.

Model: a printed sleeveless one piece + nude + colour matching pointy high heels it bag + print fashion scarf + sunglasses + watches

You never thought of summer can dress like this! Your clothes Q advanced match

"Scarves Look 3" wants to be street? a stylish silk scarf tied like this, and make you turn a street! instant game. Lace dress mix with the color of printed silk scarves, elegant and fashionable.

Model: a pink lace tube top one piece scarf + nude + with the color printing blue clutch bag leather flat Sandals + Lake + sunglasses

You never thought of summer can dress like this! Your clothes Q advanced match

"Scarves Look 4" silk scarf also can play? fashion again erratic play. Was hit by a blue-green color matching silk scarves add charm.

Model: a printed silk + blue black Emerald chiffon skirts + leather belt tee+ temperament + peep-toe black and nude shoes

You never thought of summer can dress like this! Your clothes Q advanced match

>>> "Tips 2 irregular" fashionable small details: irregular items.

"Irregular Look 1" fashion to small details, this irregular black off the shoulder top is able to catch the eye, while extra meat can cover the arm, atmosphere and elegant. Skirt elements are irregular this season, so a single product can lengthen the leg line, slim high. Coupled with this season's hottest band hollow cool boots, beauty, no, no.

Model matching: irregular black top+ horizontal neck strapless color cropped clutch bag + skirt + black hollow strap black cool boots

You never thought of summer can dress like this! Your clothes Q advanced match

"Recommend mix"

① TOPSHOP colour matching chiffon skirt is $ 145

Secondly, every word in the Zara collar shirt is $ 135

③ ASOS cut bandage cold boots ¥ 600

About forever 21 black clutch bag is $ 80

You never thought of summer can dress like this! Your clothes Q advanced match

"Irregular Look 2" front short back long and elongated elevations, nine being the golden ratio can be so hungry! this knot of small detail can be applied to other dress, such as a coat or shirt knotted in a practical fashion tips.

Model match: cropped one piece tube top printing + hit clutch bag + red Mary Jane shoes + sunglasses + watch + bracelet

You never thought of summer can dress like this! Your clothes Q advanced match

"Irregular Look 3" single mix cropped crop top skirt is this season's most chic wear yo! very high slim.

Model: a hollow irregular stripe crop top+ black and white skirt + metallic silver chain shoulder bag + sunglasses + minimalist Brown heels

"Irregular Look 4" cloak in the summer, do you dare to wear out! the cloak was added quality and Super functional fashion items.

Model matching: colour matching cropped capes one stiletto + bag + piece+ black sunglasses

>>> "Tips 3 summer feeling" light level, refusing to monotonous summer match the skill test.

Who says summer to consider layering? appropriate manufacturing vertical level horizontal slim yo, can make the overall shape more!

"Summer layering Look 1" How elegant backless? lace dresses mix, put folded wear manufactured sense of hierarchy, is the summer's most common small skill.

Model: a hollow mesh white top+ Halter cross-strap black dress + black + one word with a minimalist black high heels it bag + sunglasses

Recommended mix

① H&M Black strap dress is $ 299

② lace crop top TOPSHOP 232 CNY

③ Mango black bag is $ 249

About every word in the Zara metal with high heels is $ 299

"The layered LOOK of summer 2" organza transparent blouse is cutesy, must-have product. Fashion is in need of such small details.

Model: a Black Tee+ Black transparent black chiffon blouse + skirt + mesh black boots + leggings+ Dalian and bare metal sunglasses

"Summer layering Look 3" vests are very versatile items, in addition to the above methods, like a bib or waist shirt does very well to create layers.

Model: a + solid color tee+ white knitted vest skirt + belt suede fringed belt retro irregular dark brown sandals

"The layered Look of summer 4" Sun shirts, chiffon Cardigan summer BOHO style in addition to block the wind and rain out of empty Sun, the most important thing is cutesy.

Model matching: 3D PV material sun protection clothing one piece + white + red cross strappy high heels +mini nude clutch bag

>>> "Tips 4 same color suit" do not want to bother to match? fashion suit wearing a high feeling.

"The same color suit Look 1" macarons with the blue sea breeze, looked cool in the summer, crop top with color vest mix nine wide-leg pants, sexy waist-hip differential build, showing a cross section, high school section. Visual vertical stretching a lot, watching the sea almost 170.

Model matching: macarons with the color suit+ nude pink high heels + woven felt earrings + Hat + sunglasses

① HM pink high heels 599 CNY

II Zara v-neck chiffon rules is $ 69


Black-honeys-pleated chiffon wide-leg is $ 335

"The same color suit Look 2" the fashionistas choose belly Bolero mix nine wide-leg pants, longitudinal tension is the key, vest tee height, nine points better than trousers and long slim legs.

Model: a with the color suit+ color wristband + color in high heels clutch bag + sunglasses

"The same color suit Look 3" golden girl and Gigi fabulous! so long wide leg bell bottom will make 160 looks like 170.

Model: a with the color suit+ + belt + platform high heels earrings + rings

"The same color suit Look 3" waist-hip differential in the Middle, draw leg lines up directly into the abdomen of!chic practical and well worn.

Model: a white crop top mix half height waist pencil skirts + suit+ black high heels Earrings + Necklace + ring

>>> "Tips4 knitted out of season" the summer's most unexpected item. Yes, read that right! also have fashionable knitted items in summer yo! like BOHO style, using many elements of hollowing knitted in summer, and can mix and match different items wear out Street fan.

"Knitted Look-season 1" unexpected knitted material, don't know why is worn does not feel very different.

Model: a knit white crop top+ nine wide-leg + waist bag + necklaces.

① forever21 clutch bag is $ 97

② top shop lace knit crop top 116 CNY

③ HM black leather Birkenstock shoes is $ 249

④ Zara loose crepe trousers is $ 169

"Anti-knitted Look season 2" like BOHO style, don't miss the openwork knit dress, matching crop top and hot pants, can catch more than bikini, to female Beach style.

Model match; White openwork knit thermal pants + skirt + bikini + black tassel shoulder bag + Plaid coat + shoes + sunglasses + felt Hat

"Knitted Look-season 3-" live to be old, old beautiful, young to old. Concave shape concave look hair all white people so beautiful, small really sorry to say once every three days to wash it up!

Model: a stomacher knit crop knit pencil skirt + top + high waist cut Martin black clutch bag + boots + sunglasses Beijing Shanghai and four types of health hotpot

"Knitted Look-season 4" Apart from knitting materials attractive, this pair of PV material splicing the heels are eye, pink with Christmas Green is also very cute. Small series of this picture, just wanted to give you the beauty of the girls see, others concave shape concave to be serious. Lose weight weight loss, the shampoo wash. In short new July happy happy!

Model: a knitted material strap one piece + PV + shoes + sunglasses + bracelets happy confident smiling face

Matching scarves knitted top black irregular summer of funky high heels

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