Wednesday, March 30, 2016

IOS 9 3 is not enough for us of course is the iOS 10

Adding a night shift, add a memo password or something, iOS 9.3 lets you meet? We need to improve more! IOS 10 is perhaps the most anticipated one.

Apple launch new products in the spring also has a new improved iPad iPhone SE+iOS 9.3+9.7 inch Pro+Apple Watch new pricing for all Apple users, however, what kind of change is most looking forward to, what kind of system is the most satisfaction?

NO.1 smarter Siri Many reasons make you reconsider 12 inch Apple

News Apple as early as 2015 in new functional tests for Siri, Siri today system update has not changed much. While Siri has been able to help the user to complete a number of tasks, but there is still a lot of room for improvement, such as the follow Google, based on user browsing habits, habits, provide more intelligent help suggestions.

NO.2 customizable Control Center

Pull-up menu and in the drop down menu has been improved, iOS 9.3 join the night shift control center, whether iOS 10 control center will also be adding more features? In fact, everyone needs the iPhone differently, using the iPhone's habits are different, although control center can meet part of the demand, but users want more control can implement in iOS 10 system can be customized.

NO.3 volume control

IPhone mono speaker is not smart, when almost everyone has listened to music by the sudden call startled the annoying experience. IOS system currently does not support separate volume control the media, if they can join more than one volume control, to control the volume of different content to distinguish between calls, multimedia playback, alarm volume, then iPhone will use up more intimate.

NO.4 cache cleanup

Apple has repeatedly proclaimed that iOS system applications running in the background does not take up too much memory and power, however carefully one will find many of the APP in the background when the program switch is the switch is restarted. Android mobile third-party to provide users with a variety of clean mobile cache content choices, but iOS still obviously needs to be improved, iOS 10 can join the cache cleanup option is a cause for concern.

NO.5 mail upgrade

Bring your own mail program to use the experience of the iOS system, as compared with many third-party mail APP, no matter whether they support the scope and function of the mailbox is less than. First of all the mailbox selected does not support many of the iOS system, the default POP3 mode will require further operations to add more mailbox then consolidate dispatching operations of multiple mailboxes is not simple; cloud storage, is missing a scheduled send and other functions. IOS 10 messages on the comprehensive program further upgrades were needed to bring users more satisfied with the experience.

NO.6 third-party permissions can open

Want to set your favorite browser as default browser? Set favorite music player as the default media player? Integrate third-party applications into the iOS 10: are you a dream, Apple also please answer us. Although third-party permissions have not been of openness, but with the iOS system development and changes in market demand, believes Apple will gradually open up permissions for some third-party applications in the future.

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