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Chafing dish eat enjoy delicious in autumn do not get fat

The cooler weather, greedy MM will want to eat hot pot. How was unchanged by high heat the pot into the belly and fat? Following-pot diet tips may be able to help you!

Chafing dish eat enjoy delicious in autumn do not get fat

Cold fondue-the-weight match

MM may wish to give themselves a little wine or drinks such as Apple Cider vinegar, can reduce food intake and sterilization, to full throttle, without affecting the atmosphere.

1. meat class

Fondue and of course always meat, but meat's high and low in calories, you and MM are able to evade, low calorie food choices. Here is an often appears more often in the hot pot restaurant meat calorie tables, you can mix to suit your needs.

Low calorie meat (heat/weight), duck breast 90/100g; Lamb (back) 94/100g;

Beef (back) 98/100g; 102/100g rabbit meat; Lamb (breast) 109/100g; Hare meat 84/100g

Tripe 72/100g; chicken breast 133/100g; yellow-(yellow fish) 99/100g

2. vegetables 11 domestic features barbecue restaurant

Vegetables, suggest that MM is eating pot for many vegetables, green card, after all, the road is demanding and many times a detoxifying effect, eating hot pot, mix some cold vegetables are beneficial to the body.

Cabbage is one of the fiber-rich vegetables, cabbage after cold weather ample sugar, tastes good, and cabbage is not very cold, eating is very beneficial to the body. Used as hot pot vegetables, suction foot soups tasted fresh and delicious.

Bitter gourd, bitter melon, not only in summer, are rare for cold days hot pot dishes. Chafing dish mix together with the heat, cooling blood detoxification or a full meal and immediately lose some weight.

Celery, can eat hot pot with celery, a little magic, huh, but I tried it and feel really good celery to pot. Many crude fiber of celery, enhancing peristalsis, which discharge excessive nutrients in the intestine and metabolic waste, conducive to weight loss and cleansing the intestinal cavity.

Winter melon, under a lot of people like to hot pot, white gourd with high moisture, calories are low, have distinct diuretic function in a clean environment and effect on the weight loss significantly.

Spinach is a beauty, and are rich in iron and carotene, vitamin B6, folic acid, is an excellent source of iron and potassium. Spinach contains protein, per 0.5 kg of spinach is equivalent to the protein content of two eggs.

3. spices such

As for seasonings, all kinds of spices, peanut sauce, barbeque sauce, sesame oil, and so on, these sauces are super high in calories. And each of these ingredients can stimulate the taste buds, the appetite even stronger. In fact, you can choose to use vinegar instead of, at least not so high in calories.

Here is a particularly suitable for MM pot

Steamed tofu Hot pot

Raw material preparation: soft tofu 1250 g, Blackfish 500 grams, hymie 25 grams, sandwich dude 250 g, water, mushrooms 50 g, 150 g bamboo shoots, cabbage 250 grams.

Dressing selection: 25 grams of rice wine, salt 10 grams, 5 grams of monosodium glutamate, onion ginger 30 g, 50 g of lard, meat soup with 1250 grams.

Making cooking process:

1. with a knife cut the tofu into 3 cm square pieces into enamel Bowl, add a small amount of water in the freezer (-18 degrees), frozen, frozen tofu after 5 hours. Natural thaw out for use.

2. Wash spinach, drain; stripped sweater with bamboo shoots, cut into 3 cm long, 1.5 cm wide slices; mushrooms wash the cut root, pedicel; wash in a bowl with dried shrimps, add rice wine (5 g), water (25 grams), a steamer and steam for 30 minutes, remove the stand-by.

3. scrape fish scales, Ripper removed viscera, gills washing fine chopped off head, removed the back bone, into fine strips. Cut into 3 cm long, 1.5 cm wide slices, into the session.

4. burn hot pot, release water and frozen tofu, burn roll Hou, pour colander, Li to water; hot original pot, to water Xia into lard, and onion, and Ginger late soy pot, cooking wine, added meat soup, and sandwich meat block, Cook cooked Hou out, cut long 4.5 cm, and wide 1.5 cm of sheet; will SNAKEHEAD head, and back bone into stock in the, burn roll 15 minutes, that with leak screen filter to fish slag, abandoned of without, again put mushrooms, and meat, and hymie, and fillets, and frozen tofu block, and bamboo shoots tablets, burn roll Hou, Prime to floating foam, added salt, and MSG, and wine, pour pot within, Put cabbage, can be on the table, lit hot pot cooking.

Autumn heat fondue delicious fat tofu meat calorie healthy diet

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