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Bo Lu unveiled commemorative watches gorgeous table 2016 Basel Exhibition

Much global attention, as the "watch Oscar" Switzerland Basel international watch and jewellery fair (Basel International Watch and Jewelry Exhibition) in Switzerland Basel Grand opening. 2016 table show in Basel Switzerland according to the Bo Lu brand (Ernest Borel) has a very important and far-reaching significance, for this year, happens to be the Bo Lu brands in 160 years of glorious history and historic moment. To celebrate and commemorate this historic moment of glory, according to Lu launched a series of set century technology, top manual tabulation of the wisdom of the 160 anniversary of the Zu Ersi automatic series (Jules Borel Automatic Collection) commemorative watch, headlining debut in Basel. Its exquisite styling, outstanding quality, rich in emotional connotation, truly, fully showing the Bo Lu 160 years of watchmaking achievements and "romantic moments ‧ love eternal" brand culture.

Switzerland road in 1856 by clock master Jules Borel in Switzerland watch San Diego Neuch√Ętel (Neuchatel) was founded, has over 160 years. With a focus on emotional, Bo Lu Watch not only meticulous, excellence in technology, also has soft features in creative design, won the "Switzerland couple table model" in the world. Brand has been famous for its elegant, romantic culture, after hundreds of years of history, romance to understand extraordinary, it runs through like a bloodline in the style of the brand, embodied in technology, aesthetics, function, quality and meticulous, the pursuit of excellence. Because Ernest Borel in-depth interpretations of romantic and unique, and makes it Switzerland watchmaking industry outshines, once the youth. Keep Switzerland watchmaking precision transcendental qualities, was also accurate capture of sexual and emotional.

According to wave road in up 160 years of course in the active participation various watches exhibition and game, award countless, in watches territories lay has is high of reputation and status: early in 1866, brand has in at Switzerland timing products highest authority institutions-the-the Neuch√Ętel Observatory held of similar products game in the picked have Laurel; 1876, Switzerland according to wave road table and in United States Philadelphia get quality awards; 1878, brand more in BNP Paribas scored Switzerland watches industry precious of a gold gold medal; 1937, Switzerland road in Greece made gelinpizhi (GRAND PRIX) award from 1945 to 1959, Switzerland Neuchatel Observatory for a total of 4,172 Road Watch issued a BULLETIN DE MARCHE certificate. In particular, in 1958, first prize of the Neuchatel Observatory will grant two wave surface, lay the international position of the table. In recent years Switzerland official Observatory in the number of certified chronometer testing agency ranks (in terms of timer number), the road was at the top. Ranks 11th in the ranking of the 2013 2014 jumped to 8th and achieved great success. Bo Lu as "Switzerland watch associations (The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry), referred to as" The FH "members of the St.

As Switzerland few hundred years of independent watchmaking brands, for 160 years, Bo Lu, uphold the spirit of new analysis of search, as well as manufacturing quality romantic time belief, has introduced by consumer recognition and favor of watch products, famous. History collection wrist table masterpiece including: in the 1860 of the 19th century produced of three asked Pocket Watch and the 18K gold Pocket Watch, and in the 1930 of the 20th century of ring make function watches, and Venus series and the retro series, and in the 1940 of the 20th century of cocktail series, and 1959 produced of Observatory wood clock, and in the 1960 of the 20th century of de Versailles game small alarm clock and the gold silk with ladies table, and 1975 of with calendar and the waterproof function of couples on table, and 1986 of Marshal series wrist table, and 2003 of Centennial Memorial version router pass wrist table, and Duke series 2015 moon phase watch Observatory, and a variety of classical wave Road Watch (Zu Ersi/legend/black/Royal Observatory Observatory the Observatory the Observatory series). All this thanks to a century brand pioneers: Jules Borel, and Ernest Borel, and Jean-Louis Borel and the unremitting efforts of generations of watchmaking craftsmen. Looking to the future, will as always adhere to the road Switzerland hundreds of years of precision watchmaking tradition, constantly blaze new trails, will depend on the road a couple of romantic dance brand image and "romantic moments ‧ love eternal" brand culture into more cities into more consumers ' hearts.

Global limited edition of 888 Pegasus Yiu

The 160 anniversary of the Zu Ersi automatic series of limited-edition commemorative watch (Jules Borel Automatic Collection-Limited Edition)

Enjoys "Switzerland couples table model" reputation of Switzerland name table brand--according to wave road, Yu 2016 official stepped into 160th a year, for Memorial this history glory moment, according to wave road to "romantic moments ‧ 160 contains" for problem, huge force build has series 160 annual Zu Ersi automatically series Memorial wrist table, among to Zu Ersi automatically series of limited version Memorial wrist table most attention, can be described as imaginative of century masterpiece. Commemorative watches in the name of founder IBO road, write the immortal romance of the century brand, 160 years of history, countless watchmaker's effort to take over, limited to 888.

Automatic mechanical movement structure, layout precision. Calendar, weekly and a power reserve function in a circular and a separate window with fan fitted in the dial, Spears hollow design hour and minute hand moving across the three instruments on the window light. Complex multilayered structure, six stitches to follow their ways, the pointer circles run (weekly), pointers run retrograde (calendar),, pointer energy induction swing operation (42H power reserve), fully demonstrated the mechanical rhythm of the United States.

Stack with graceful curved lines, like a delicate Camellia flowers, petals are wonderful portrayal of the journey of life. Specific to 6H and back "160th Anniversary" commemoration, crocodile leather strap, 12 square bottom natural diamonds with a warm rose gold case, shining a bright light. Bottom perspective are etched according to the Bo Lu Switzerland watchmaking factory appearance design, case-specific-independence and exclusive limited edition certificate, commemorative special, witness and passing family glory.

A "core" exclusive romantic tradition

160 automatic annual Zu Ersi series couple commemorative watch (Jules Borel Automatic Collection)

Brand in the 160 anniversary of the moment of glory again will get limited-edition commemorative watch clueless? Your "Switzerland couple table model" Bo Lu, also introduced in parallel with the 160 anniversary of the Zu Ersi automatic series couple commemorative watch, couple table, called brand masterpiece, will be able to with your partner to create a truly unforgettable moments and memories sweet and moving.

Yiboluzuersi series GGR9160W-221BR, LGR9160-221BR couple of tables automatically, concentrated on road 160 years the quintessence of watchmaking, with strokes of an emotional chiseled in every detail, meaning great. Rich rose gold plated case with classic junior pin layout, second hand accessories EB (Ernest Borel) unique Flower Butterfly trademark, early-plant nail complex hollow geometric process of Yangtze River Delta, forming a plurality of light-reflecting surface, rich gradients of light and shade. The dial shade of Camellia, central axis with his elegant radians to 12 scale delays, as if there is a natural tension, each scale is out of the ordinary. And 3H, 6H and 9H in a triangular position of diamonds, bottom, purple small patterns, representative of the flower bud of love and pure, sincere feelings of love. Men's watch 12H-week window, 6H-calendar window, dial 5 capsules of natural diamonds; female form 6H-calendar window, dial 8 capsules of natural diamonds, couples PivotTable special etching at the end of the table according to the Bo Lu Switzerland watchmaking factory patterns, profound, unique Memorial.

Imaginative presents its compliments to the pioneer Blancpain Villeret series calendar moon phase

Zu Ersi series 18K rose gold automatic watch (Jules Borel Automatic Collection)

For Memorial IBO road brand founder Jules Borel Mr, presents its compliments to the older watches industry who on times civilization of promoted and contribution, according to boluzuersi automatically series 18K rose gold wrist table GBK9238N-221 of appeared undoubtedly is a pious of gift, table circle and strap in the beads package 18K rose gold, rich full, and sparkling health Hui of red gold color, representative with according to wave road 160 years of gilt gold history. Automatic series is the Bo Lu Zu Ersi watchmaking heartfelt testimonials, timing accuracy with Switzerland Professional watchmakers are synchronized without Shuttle in the world, will be issued at the same time understanding the mind echo. 9238N to reaching beauty detailed rendering classic, dial to delicate brick end of lines for background, makes three a form different of function indicates ordered arrangement: 3H bit fan pointer type calendar Shang, pointer line to end Shi on will inverse jumped return bit; 9H bit pointer type Zhou Liyuan disc Shang, Golden pointer is Yu its Shang take if step; 6H bit power store window will diamond into energy scale, rendering luxury style. Three unique features indicating separately etched sunflower petals and flower designs, petal extension coincides with the pointer trails, which considering the details of craftsmanship is amazing. Looking in from the back through the back, watch the soul--Switzerland operation of automatic movement 9094 beauty a glance.

Wrist flowers, magnificent blooms

Automatic series cocktail (Cocktail Automatic Collection)

40, according to Bo Lu cocktail Auto series had caused a very big shock in the watchmaking sector. People Yu Yibo road wonderful of, and cascade Yu dial on of hollow needle disc listening to not to finely of tick sound, not only because cocktail automatically series magnificent magic disc female official wrist table pointer form occurred has change, more because it operation Shi elegant of beauty State: magnificent magic disc quickly and turned, rendering out as Kaleidoscope like dazzling scene of effect, this is it Fu a launched, that get appearance design patent and the many award of reasons where! And that no details beyond, makes it popular heat continue to this day. With the continuous progress of watchmaking, Bo Lu officially launched the first cocktail replica series in 2013, adding more color, again attracted wide attention. In 2016, equipped with powerful Switzerland high-end movement, dial sizes from 31mm to 35mm, original dial lines become more mellow and smooth, multiple-pointed star into Marguerite Daisy, stunning transformation in the wrist. Outer ring of the dial to a solid color base, and use fine time scales, and scale to create brilliant images. 3, 6, 9H, each decorated with a double-drill, each octagonal inlaid seat wedge embedded-PA beautiful characters, in contrast created between the infinite RADIUS message. Cocktail series automatically total four color: cherry pink, Carmine, Orchid purple, Pearl White. Each are carefully deployed, dials and straps seamless, only to let women cast in enjoy the attention.

Bo Lu Switzerland watches commemorate brand watch Observatory romance

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