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Works of the creative stars of the top 5 in the third quarter will be Crawford

CCTV6 third quarter of brilliant works of the creative stars of the top 5 designers will be held March 10, 2012, Crawford unveiled Asia's top stores fashion show spring/summer 2012, Crawford's financial Street in Beijing for a one-month exhibition. It is reported that the fashion show opening day, Golden Horse best actress Li bingbing, combustion, and many other fashion favorite actor Chen fashion star will visit the site, add stars for the opening ceremony.

Works of the creative stars of the top 5 in the third quarter will be Crawford's debut spring/summer fashion show

As Asia's leading fashion store Lane Crawford, known as "the Chief fashion boutiques in Asia", specializing in designer clothes, accessories and fashion boutique, offers the most abundant and wide choice of fashion brands. Crawford's Beijing store was one of the high-end department store in Beijing.

The spring of 2012, as China's film and television industry, the fashion industry's most hot moxibustion hand face, Golden Horse best actress Li bingbing, burning fresh It Girl, China Chen, as well as the popular model He Sui, Yu Lianka's "The Pinnacle of Style" appearance, interpretation of the large spring/summer 2012 Crawford, fashion and really unique my personality.

Works of the creative stars of the top 5 in the third quarter will be Crawford's debut spring/summer fashion show

Lane Crawford in combination with elements of fashion, art, design and music, to bring customers the senses at the same time, also orchestrated some of the award-winning merchandising displays, exhibitions and collaborative projects, Crawford on display because of its high end positioning and brand choice, a desirable stage for many young designers.

Starting from 2009 and even Carver has worked closely with the creative stars. During the filming of the show, designers often looking for inspiration to Crawford and selected accessories. This time, opening in spring/summer 2012 fashion show, even the Carver carefully selected the creative stars of the top 5 designers in the third quarter Wang, and Zhao 頔, Li Yanmo, Ding Yi, Zeng Haoxian creativity Festival works displayed, show the young designer's outstanding talent and creativity. First two quarters of the top 5 designers have exhibited in Crawford, won public admiration.

Works of the creative stars of the top 5 in the third quarter will be Crawford's debut spring/summer fashion show

The Creative Star was pioneered by CCTV movie channel CCTV6 Grand building of innovation and creativity of the large-scale creative activities, aimed at a global scale to find the most creative film stylist and costume designer. Programs invited to United States design of first lady Michelle Obama inaugural ball gown top international Chinese-American designer Jason Wu, a famous Chinese American designer Derek Lam, Vivienne Tam, the Visual arts master Yip, the world's top design school Parsons School of fashion in New York, Dean Simon Collins, the international fashion Media Director, Mr Tommy CHEUNG, editor of VOGUE fashion and beauty, famous movie stylist Li Daqi, Well-known designer Wang, ye Ming Zi sitting judges, Lin Chi-ling, and Yao Chen, Xu jinglei, Eva, Stan and other film and television industry many eminent personalities as judges and guests attend. Activity has been held for three seasons, are sought after by many young designers and fashion sources, and highly valued by industry.

The creative stars of commitment to young designers dream of creating an international platform for more local Chinese designers to display their talent, with top international master learning opportunities. The Creative Star champion Wang in the third quarter, Crawford's work in Beijing, in order to participate in the creative stars he decided to quit his work and dedication to the program. Wang said that when he worked in Crawford, saw the creative stars of the top 5 designers on display in the store, watching customers focus on appreciating designers look, he cannot live in peace. He said that his biggest dream is, and hope that one day his work will on display in even the kafoli, be appreciated by millions of people, the glory of it is as a designer. Now, Wang through continuous efforts, finally realized his dream, becoming the creative stars of the Championship in the third quarter, his works will be on display in the Crawford. More importantly, he got the chance to to Parsons School of design in New York. He said that is the creative stars let him go back to the design of the road.

At present, the creative stars of registration activities have already started in the fourth quarter. It is understood that the revision of the fourth quarter activity will be fully upgraded, a new competition system, in many international famous brand to launch more generous Awards, designed to attract more people with creative talents and dreams of mature designers to participate.

Compared to the third quarter activities in the fourth quarter of the creative stars of the "Parsons ' Academy Award" on the basis of, adds to the "VOGUE Prize" and "special award of the Coach." The VOGUE fashion and beauty will be tailored for designers went to the headquarters of the international top brand work practice opportunities in a first-class professional learning and develop design skills in a creative environment. Award-winning designers will have an opportunity to completed with your Coach brand designers to design a handbag, the handbag will Coach China's stores sell. The establishment of numerous awards, and is an effort to help more talented young designers dream come true. Also Chinese creative industries, for the international fashion industry talents.

Now, all 18 years old, with independent play version of dress-making capacity of the Chinese may be logged in the fourth quarter of the creative stars of the only designated official website---creative window ( for registration, registration on February 6, 2012 till April 10, 2012, full online application. Paul Smith United Kingdom madness

Design creative Crawford's debut fashion show spring/summer fashion designer stars

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