Wednesday, January 13, 2016

After September to Plaid Shirt dry up

September is the season segment of the weather, heat waves will stay in the past, we were greeted Cecil cool in autumn. So this time I'll have to say I like the Plaid Shirt. Put joker is wearing a single product, is our closet essentials.

After September to Plaid Shirt dry up!

You can take the

Simple mix of Scottish Plaid Shirt short lambs wool vest, plus a simple pair of jeans. You instantly get rid of old-fashioned School of wind, back to nature this is really simple and free yourself!

After September to Plaid Shirt dry up!

(Picture a Plaid Shirt to France fall/winter leisure Outdoor fashion brand AIGLE2015 new Scottish Plaid Turtleneck long sleeve shirt)

Can also take

A hooded fashion Duffle jacket, take a looser version of the plain Plaid Shirt and light slacks and a pair of stylish classic AIGLE Wellington boots, elegant atmosphere there is wood there!

After September to Plaid Shirt dry up!

(Picture a Plaid Shirt is AIGLE 2015 fall/winter new products! ) Zheng Xiujing pencil pants and ankle boots by

Even taking

Lambs wool wide lapels fashion trench coat, waist up a Plaid Shirt, spontaneously without losing the aura, layers show. Such a handsome match will give you extra points to popcorn!

I've visited, Plaid Shirt above AIGLE brand online and offline are on sale!

Plaid Plaid Scottish Plaid Aigle lambs wool easy shirts fashion autumn/winter new products

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