Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 tone men wear table

Although major brands like marketing "classic", "eternal" concepts handed down like this, but it does not mean, the watch there is no trend. In 2016, the following Style, is the tide of human pushing the high-end Look.

2016 tone men wear table

Private custom

Make Your Own

Traditional custom watches, most of your name or any other important information engraved on the dial. In 2016, things become more interesting.

Farer (Hitchhiker) watches in United Kingdom design, Switzerland assembled £ 340 for sale. It has launched a new bracelet DIY service, you can specify the desired color, then say goodbye to boring "business".

2016 tone men wear table 2016 tone men wear table

You can also choose to change the Rolex (Rolex) "diving" series the dial color, or taigehaoya (TAG HEUER), "Monaco" series chosen for PIN based a cool time. Into your mind, it really is your table.

2016 tone men wear table 2016 tone men wear table

Small and exquisite


Throw away grandiose Oversize watch it! Fashion has a personal legend, only those of their dimension extreme dissatisfaction with some part of the body of men, obsessed with these big and chunky design.

2016 tone men wear table

If you don't have Sylvester Stallone so thick arms, do not try to 47mm the diameter of the watch, it will only make you look more Low Soil turtle. "Best below 42mm" is the pertinent recommendations of the many stylish cafes.

2016 tone men wear table

In 2016, the smaller is better. Rolex (Rolex), Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin) such as what's retail Manager, have started a large procurement plans of small size dial, exquisite Downsize more elegant.

2016 tone men wear table

Platinum texture

White Gold

From jewelry to watches, rose gold mixed with brass out of the Glam gloss, dominated for several years. Now, it's time to return to the traditional male metal era.

2016 tone men wear table

H.Moser&Cie (when Henry MU) launch of Endeavour's watches, titanium case, supported by Diamond (DLC) coatings, timeless. HIV Vacheron Constantin master legend of the day

Patek Philippe (Patek) Calatrava series of Ref.5524 flying travel time wristwatch, 42 mm high quality Platinum case, is also a classical model.

Intelligent communications

Get Connected

Admittedly, Apple Watch tried to punch a Rolex, Omega necklace ambitions a little miscalculation, but it does bring a new idea to promote watches contact smart world.

Taigehaoya (TAG HEUER) and companies such as Google to launch Connected intelligent watches Watch, top industry headlines in one fell swoop. Its casing, surface, lugs are made of grade titanium, supports many Internet audio streaming, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi mode, compatible with the tens of thousands of Android and IOS APP.

In addition to Apple Watch-in no way inferior to the level of science and technology, Connected Watch our Switzerland sheet consistent craftsmanship, supplemented by waterproof IP67 level of life, and Sapphire Crystal dial protection.


The Modernist

Stylish modern minimalism, is likewise 2016 big hot trend of men's watches.

NOMAD (nomadic) is a new watch brand in Scotland, it is integrated into the retro elements and modern analog and digital technology, madesimple in way to pass the time, by the influx of people rush.


The Comeback

And contemporary design is not a contradiction exists. Passing the modern age always remember, if you indulge in a Tweed suit, remember to match a Vintage watch.

In 1957, the Omega (OMEGA) launched the 300 watches in the hippocampus. This table specifically designed for diving and underwater adventures, was the most NB fashion icon. Today, 300 yew past life regression in the hippocampus, only extraordinary internal agency evolved, the outer black dial, broad-arrow pointer, unidirectional rotating divers bezel design, and watch more colorful handed down.

The last sentence of

If you only want to know the time, take a peek OK phone. Now that you are wearing the watch, is the same as the oath has abandoned pure functionalism. Your tone, your tastes, your cherished feeling in your wrist.

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