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Poison and God people and their watches

Accurate, intelligent wearable, it not today GET. There is nothing those people standing on the crest, which is not a fashion watch!

Men have a 25 year old (at least I do), watches as an important accessory is essential. How important is this? Have you seen star tide people to run around your wrist?

If you think this is just showing off horse, so we can't really happy being friends.

Watch this stuff, there is unique in the universe. In addition to decorative (buy a bracelet bracelets can also be), also on behalf of human industry wisdom + mechanical production + handmade essence (clocks are also available, but do you carry it down the street? )。

Edison Chen, Edison Chan

As HK fashion, taste some good to wear a watch! Unique is what he wants, because he called Edison, trends have to listen to him!

Edison Chen watches: Panerai RADIOMIR PAM00090

Set Italy designs and Switzerland of watchmaking Panerhai Panerai Watches brand, its products have been well received by community celebrities love. Xige wearing this table in the discussion archives of the spirit, there is a luxury taste out of the hide.

This watch cost about 40000.

Shawn Shawn Yu

HK fashion another Hill, Shawn love equally well received by various people. And also his clothing with great research, from his dedication of the glasses, you know that he watches are also unique eye.

Shawn watches: Rolex Oyster Daytona 6263 PaulNewman

The Rolex luxury watches, its price as the series name and a long rise. This table is a favorite of collectors, luxury level without more, so the watch's owner Le Ye, regardless of status or economic strength of its match very much.

Le only "work" circulation of 300000RMB, and Idol had left behind (crying)

Quan Zhilong G-Dragon

K-POP iconic figure G-Dragon Quan Zhilong (Idol Idol, fire, no, no), its current status without a doubt. From K-POP-style streetwear to fashion clothing women's clothing men's wear, is his clothing with a perfect display.

Quan Zhilong Watch: ChromeHeart for Rolex

As we all know, GD are big fans of Chrome Heart, and he is also known as CH spokesman. As fine silver jewelry as a selling point the CH in the jewelry sector has had a seat and matching classic Rolex,Chrome Heart for Rolex watchmaking on customized services, punk-the perfect fusion of style and elegance. And GD on the MV in the One of a kind worn is pure gold, like GD life is such a luxury.

Fashion week have people on their own DIY vintage bracelet-ROLEX,CH exclusive custom-guided 98000RMB

Takuya Kimura Takuya

Household names, popular Japanese and Korean killer, a Chaser of Takuya, mother-in-law, mother not only like, but also by Chao pursued. Kimura personally with many classic pieces of mulberry, red Japan brand, large and small, if he deemed to fashion one of the benchmark is not much.

Takuya watches: ROLEX Explorer Ref.114270

Time flies, a shuttle. Mucunsang in the Hero's character long life fair is back in everyone's face, and he watches worn by, also from G-SHOCK to expensive ROLEX.

PS: it looks like this for more than 10 years, long life fair career ladder! But sang Kimura continued his low-key style, even watches, he is also the most timeless style. Without too many decorations, superb technology, perfect quality, Kimura sang selections.

Great God of this "work", offer price 42300RMB

Hao Hiroshi Fujiwara Fujiwara

If anyone asked who controlled fashion, it must be him-Fujiwara-HO. When any of those things, when he will become the most hot items, of course, watches are no exception.

Fujiwara Hao watches: Rolex x Bamford watch departmentx Fragment

No matter what the occasion, Fujiwara Mulberry are wearing a Rolex, his wrist-expression has a special liking for this brand! And more are United Kingdom Rolex certification watch reform expert has cooperation, launched the Fragment Rolex series, both on fashion, is still on the clock, it is a strong combination of excellent cooperation!

This part of the godfather "work" offer price is 175000HKD

Long-tailed Chi ming NIGO Watch and wonder table fair new products preview

Godfather of current long tail to keep pace and Fujiwara-Ho Chi ming NIGO-San, current attainment has the top pole. His views on the trends, selection of watch must not be careless, so his collection will be an eye-opener for us.

Long tail Tomoaki Watch: RichardMille White Gold andDiamond-Set

The Richard Mille was so luxurious, Tourbillon, power reserve and the torque index functions, Platinum strap, 23 jewels and diamonds decorate everything. So is a must, but to the auction by Nigo, are also not Nigo's favorite?

The Richard Mille were auctioned in Sotheby's auction were, 1480000HKD

Takisawa Shinsuke Takizawa Shinsuke Takizawa

American locomotives of the Neighborhood with its style, fusion of punk and hardcore elements, famous throughout the world. Takisawa stretched as its charge person, other than like locomotives, watch is one of his hobbies. And his collection as "master" this sentence, exudes a strong personal style.

Takisawa stretch Watch: TUDOROyster Date chronographRef.7031/0

Neigborhoodx Vintage series Custom Watch

With a difference, is that takisawa stretch between this love is the TUDOR watches. Because in his view, this on the table in terms of appearance and performance, are cross-age design. Long Jezon said the watch design and motorcycle culture, the same dedication. Watch how important it is to him! And it was his dedication, retro watches customized expert he commissioned specifically for their Neighborhood to create a variety of vintage watches, brand clothing each other!

Ronzet TUDOR online price is, 79999USD;PoterxNBHD alligator-skin belt's pricing, 63000 yen, bought a chicken, not bad a good bottle of soy sauce.

Nick Wooster

Nick Wooster fashion focus, like evergreens, in every occasion, showing infinite vitality and extraordinary taste. The saying goes: "Ginger or old hot! "Uncle Nick still teach our youth what match it!

Nick Wooster Watch: Rolex Submariner 116610LV

In China known as "the Green ghost" Rolex series submersible is uncle Nick's camera hot, uncle Nick as a fashion celebrity, this watch certainly love his clock to the cause. Poison series watch, Black Ghost represents the mature green ghost represents the young and lively, Deke prefer the latter but not the former, enough about his tastes, in contrast with the mood of young people, they're worse!

Is the price of this piece of Aqua, 70000RMB

David Beckham David Beckham

One of the world's most attractive men, once "Red Devils" 7th Manchester United player David Beckham must be sport across the fashion industry, one of the most successful. Heartbreaker the noun before Benitez who, just like the law of eternal. His "Golden foot" world famous, then his fashion sense and watch selection, whether it is a world class?

David Beckham watches: Rolex Submariner 116610LN

Benitez and uncle Nick agree, also wearing a Rolex masterpiece "diving" series and heartthrob is on the mature style of choice "Black Ghost". But the match is a wonderful effect, Benitez in a pure and simple dress, together with the "Black Ghost" for decoration, attending NBA games, feels like a 20-something young man to see the ball. Described as: "form as it were, charming! "

Benitez this "work" price, 68900RMB

David Beckham watches: Breitling for Bentley

Breitling Bentley watches are superb mechanical model with the perfect combination of best of British style for. Has a process of hardcore style of watch and Benitez player identity match, style of England United Kingdom gentleman Beckham endorsements, was in heaven. But also because of the endorsement issue, Manager of black water ghost or something may be temporarily placed in a Cabinet, culture.

Benitez Bentley pricing, 100000RMB

While the watch is an important link on the clothing with, as a mix of daily life under the essential choice, but value is not measured by the price of the watch. Is right for them, whether for attending an occasion, we need to consider.

G-SHOCK, Rolex, it is only a watch. Is, as we have the necessities of life, and as a tool for comparing flaunt, depending on how masters treat.

Poison series has a G-SHOCK with me 5 years recently didn't have electricity, not wearing a few days is not used. When changing batteries, again wearing at the moment, I know watches has been integrated into my life.

People watch Watches Rolex Rolex Mu Cun Nick waters to perfect

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